Security Advisory for capnproto-c++ and preventative measures going forward

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Kenton Varda

Mar 2, 2015, 4:42:55 PM3/2/15
Hello capnproto-announce,

Three security flaws have been found in Cap'n Proto that could allow denial of service and possibly exfiltration of memory. If you use the Cap'n Proto C++ implementation to process messages from possibly-malicious sources, you should update immediately to one of the following releases:



We have implemented a number of preventative measures that should catch these kinds of bugs in the future, including multiple kinds of fuzz testing as well as template-metaprogramming-based static analysis. Please read the blog post for details:

Thanks to Ben Laurie for reporting two of the problems and American Fuzzy Lop for finding them. (The third problem was found through our new static analysis.)

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