Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction / SF-NM photo ask

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Michael Bourque

Dec 19, 2020, 8:46:05 PM12/19/20
Hi folks,

A photographer from the Santa Fe-New Mexican is looking for someone with a guided telescope that he can attach his Canon DSLR to attempt a picture of the conjunction as close as possible with reasonable details. My scope is in the shop and I was unable to help supply the platform. I can lend him the T-ring for a Canon and the 1-1/4" tube extender.  He thought he could shoot with long lenses (up to 1300mm with multipliers), but still not zoomed in enough. 

He needs to shoot Sunday evening for a Monday paper. Is there anyone in this group who can help him out? 

My direct phone is 713-560-1490

Thank you.

Mike Bourque


Dec 20, 2020, 12:33:11 AM12/20/20
to 'Michael Bourque' via Capital City Astronomy Club
I am kind of planning (if I feel safe)to take my 5" refractor to Frenchy's Field, but it is 1.25" eyepiece.  I have used my Canon T-adapter and sleeve, but you can't add a lens.  What you see of a full moon gives almost all the moon except for a slice off the top and bottom.  Probably not what the reporter is looking for.  I didn't really want to schlep a 125# 11" Cassegrain plus accessories like car battery and table into the park right now.  I would also use most of the twilight training the scope because I need three stars for an alignment.
Brad Jones

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Dec 20, 2020, 12:47:13 AM12/20/20
to 'Michael Bourque' via Capital City Astronomy Club
1300mm sounds like it should get a pretty decent shot.  In town, he would have to stack shots.  I don't remember if the T-ring only fits one size extender, but I think that is so.
I also have a 10" water heater on a GEM mount, but haven't used it in so long, I'm not sure it would do good any more.  Not sure I could use the 2" system on it, either.  It takes even longer to align


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