Is there a roadmap for future Capistrano features and releases? eg What is coming in version 4?

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Henry Scullion

Oct 19, 2017, 12:08:03 PM10/19/17
to Capistrano
Where do I find out what is coming up in Capistrano?

I keep an eye on Github, capistranorb and this group, but can't find a central place for roadmap info.

It's a fantastic tool. I'm using it to deploy a local WordPress site from my laptop to a shared host.


Lee Hambley

Oct 19, 2017, 12:36:11 PM10/19/17
to Capistrano
There isn't really a roadmap, it's "finished" barring staying current and avoiding "bit rot".

In general Capistrano (v3, since 2013) is designed to be a stable core, around which a plugin ecosystem can exist without direct intervention or blessing from us can flourish. V2 was not very extensible, and did not have a bright future ahead, v3 as a ground-up rewrite warranted bumping the major version number for the first time in 6yrs.

Keyword stable; deploy-time infrastructure tools aren't the place to chase the hottest trends, many large businesses deploy money and downtime sensitive applications frequently with Capistrano and have come to expect few, if any surprises. As a rule we air on the side of extreme conservatism.

I am one of the three maintainers, and the longest serving (8yrs), but I believe I speak for us all.

I'm glad you're excited about Capistrano and getting value out of it, hopefully it will soon be boring, and you'll get 10years reliable service from it!

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Henry Scullion

Oct 19, 2017, 1:57:43 PM10/19/17
to Capistrano

Thanks for your comprehensive reply. I can rest easy..!   :)

I can tell you that in the WordPress space, we are benefitting from your strategy - plugins like this one are helping make deployment even easier:

Thanks again,
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