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Welcome to the Cantera Users' Group, a forum where users can ask questions about Cantera, report problems with Cantera, and exchange ideas about how to use Cantera. In order to maintain an open and welcoming community, please adhere to the Cantera Code of Conduct in any interactions you have in the Cantera community. Please note that this is a moderated list, so posts from new users will take some time to appear.

If you are making a post regarding a problem using Cantera, please provide a minimal, complete, and verifiable example when making your post; in short this means including a code example and input files along with information about your operating system and Cantera version. This will enable other members of the group to efficiently understand the problem and offer suggestions on how to fix it. If you are interested in contributing to Cantera, please see the contributor guidelines for more information. Please do not post entire homework problems to the list -- this defeats the purpose of the assignment and may be a violation of your university's academic integrity policy.

The current stable release is Cantera 3.0.0. Prior versions of Cantera are deprecated and users are encouraged to upgrade.

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