Question about Canon PR100 printer.

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Santo Nucifora

Apr 29, 2016, 5:19:32 PM4/29/16
to Canon Cat
Hi All,

I'm a new Canon Cat owner here and am very excited to have acquired one.  I have one question for now about the Canon PR100 printer.  Was this generally available or was this specific to the Canon Cat (and therefore, very hard to find)?  I don't normally collect printers and I know the Cat will handle other printers but I wouldn't mind completing this word processing system, if possible.  

Pics of my Cat are here, if anyone is interested on a lazy Friday afternoon:

I'm glad there is a super knowledgeable group about them.  

Thanks in advance,


Apr 29, 2016, 5:36:27 PM4/29/16

I don't know if it was special for the Cat but the Cats

sold in the US came with printers, as a package.

The Cat has several possible printers that you can use with

it but all but one are Canon printers.

The one is for the generic FX type pin head printer.

One can write drives for other printers but it uses some disk


I've written one for HP pcl5.0.

It doesn't support all of the special fonts but is OK for most


Of course, one could expand it.

The printer is rare. Most people that bought these for

business use bought better quality printers, like the better

daisy wheels or bubble jet printer.

Just as a note of warning. The disk drives used are not generic.

They can not be easily replaced.

Even with a wiring adapter, it requires a disk drive with the drive-ready

signal. Most 3.5 inch drive used on PCs ( I think from around the

286 time frame ) no longer supported drive-ready.

The reason I mention this is that the nylon tab that holds the

guide rail for the heads will eventually fail.

It will jam the disk in the drive. If you force the disk from the

drive, it will rip the head off, destroying the drive.

You can either fix the drive now or wait until it fail and hopefully

remember to not yank the disk out.


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Santo Nucifora

May 5, 2016, 5:09:42 PM5/5/16
to Canon Cat
Thanks for the info and warning Dwight.  I'm going to leave the drive alone for now until I get even close to their being an issue.  I'd rather not take it apart unless I have to because it is currently in great condition and I don't want to chance me messing anything up.

I'll keep a lookout for the printer in case one turns up for sale.  I just received my trusty copy of "The Humane Interface" and will enjoy reading it before I dive in.

Thanks again,.
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