Canasta now has a command-line interface!

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Yaron Koren

Sep 21, 2022, 9:25:04 AM9/21/22
to Canasta, Amal Paul
Hi everyone,

It's my great pleasure to announce that Canasta now has a command-line interface (CLI) - which should make not just usage but also installation of Canasta much easier.

You can see the full documentation for the CLI here:

And the setup part of it (which installs both the CLI and Canasta itself) is also covered here:

If you're curious, the actual code behind it can all be found here:

Most of the credit for this CLI goes to Amal Paul (cc'ed), who created it (and most of the documentation) as his Google Summer of Code project this summer, via the Wikimedia Foundation, with me and Jeffrey Wang as his mentors.

I'm very excited about this project completing successfully because it essentially removes the need to know Docker - transforming Canasta from a technical utility to a tool that, in theory, almost anyone can use to install and maintain wikis. I haven't done much marketing of Canasta until now, but now I think it makes sense to really start marketing it in earnest, now that it just takes calling a few commands to get the whole thing set up.

Any feedback is welcome, including about the documentation - but especially if you try out the CLI for yourself.

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