Switching to a "canasta-latest" and "canasta-stable" model

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Jeffrey Wang

Mar 31, 2023, 12:44:56 PM3/31/23
to Canasta
Buenas días,

In the interest of balancing interests of fast development versus stable development, it may be time to reconcile these differences by trying out something new: a "Canasta latest" versus a "Canasta stable" dual track.

The proposed difference between the two would be:
  • Canasta Stable would keep the current versioning system, whereas Canasta Latest has a date-based versioning system based on when the image is compiled by the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Canasta Latest will use the main branch (currently named `master`, but that name should probably be changed to `main` to reflect currently accepted practices), while Canasta Stable will have branches derived from the main branch.
  • The developers will continue to provide backwards compatibility for Canasta Stable, but Canasta Latest users must go along with whatever is in the `main` branch at any given time if they want support.
  • Canasta Latest should be considered the "stable beta" track while the Canasta Stable should be considered the GA track.
Thoughts on this proposal are welcome.



Jeffrey Wang


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Jeffrey Wang

Apr 7, 2023, 12:21:07 AM4/7/23
to Canasta
Since there's no response, I'm going to assume this is fine. If there's no objection to this, then I think we can start doing this immediately.

As of now, all changes to the main branch will be considered updates to Canasta Latest. Releases will be made from time to time for Canasta Stable.

Yaron Koren

Apr 9, 2023, 11:48:29 PM4/9/23
to Jeffrey Wang, Canasta

Sorry for not responding before. It does seem reasonable to check in changes more frequently, rather than bundling them all into a big release. I don't know that we need official names or protocols for these - this is pretty standard software stuff, I think. In MediaWiki, for example, you can use code from master, or from a branch, with the branched code presumably providing greater reliability.


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