MediaWiki only loads a blank white page when I load it

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Calvin Powers

Nov 6, 2023, 1:22:54 PM11/6/23
to Canasta
Hi total newbie here but am anxious to set up a MediaWiki for a project I am starting.

I did my best to follow all of the instructions at
I reviewed the localsettings.php file and added my mailserver info to it. I reviewed the .env file and it looks exactly like the example file.

I can use the canasta CLI to start, stop, and list te MediaWiki instances and I can do all those commands with my sandbox canastaId. All seems good as far is it goes.

But when I go to http://localhost it gets converted to https://localhost  I get warnings in firefox about not being conected securely to the site and I have to add an exception to Firefox.

After I do that, all I get is a blank white page in the browser. When I do view source, it shows me nothing. It's like absolutely nothing has been returned from MediaWiki.

I am running Ubuntu Desktop as a guest OS on a VirtualBox running on Windows 11 as the host Os.

I did see a note somewhere in the FAQs the on Ubntu all docker commands have to be prefixed with sudo. I would be happy to do that but I don't know what file to update to make that happen.

I have no idea how to begin debugging this. Any insights/suggestions/guidance would be appreciated.


Howard B. Golden

Nov 7, 2023, 12:54:15 AM11/7/23
to Canasta
Hi Calvin,

My first thought is that you may need to open the ports 80 and 443 on your Ubuntu Desktop, in case you have a firewall like ufw installed. A desktop version of Linux often has all inbound ports blocked except when a port has already been opened outbound and a reply is expected from the internet. I hope this helps.


G Rundlett

Nov 7, 2023, 4:54:50 PM11/7/23
to Howard B. Golden, Canasta

Are you running the installation commands from a console within the Ubuntu Desktop Virtual Machine in VirtualBox?

I'm not sure if a VirtualBox VM will work for Canasta. For running Canasta on a Windows 11 host, you should be able to simply install Docker Desktop, and go from there. 

Greg Rundlett

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Calvin Powers

Nov 7, 2023, 6:07:40 PM11/7/23
to G Rundlett, Howard B. Golden, Abridged recipients
Hey thanks for the info! I will try that!

I have been opening a terminal window on the virtualbox. I preface the canasta commands with sudo but had to add the id to the sudorrs group for that to work.

But if I can run canasta directly on windows 11, even better!

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