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Elementary Teachers - 2000 Free Resourcs

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Nov 9, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/9/99
As a 15 year teacher veteran, I want to introduce you to a new "FREE"
service. I know it's hard to believe but there is a free, safe resource for
elementary kids to surf & learn.

1) Want to find 200 educational websites that have been pre-screened for
safety and indexed by subject matter?
2) Want to register to win 10 computers for your school and a laptop for
3) Want to find a safe, age-appropriate resource for kids ages 3 -10?

This and much more can be found at

Who is ALFY?

ALFY was designed for young children around the age of 6, to search and
experience the web and to provide a totally safe, kid-friendly environment
with pre-screened sites. ALFY also combines special in-house educational and
interactive activities, which are constantly being added to keep the site
fresh. Every element in the site is based on ALFY's values, meaning it is
easy for use for a six years old kid, safe, entertaining, educational and
stimulating. There is no such broad site for young kids in existence today!

ALFY was developed with the extensive help of Advisory Board of world
leading psychologists, educators and experts in child development and
education. The Advisory Board plays a vital role in providing professional
direction and guidance for the development of all aspects of the site.

ALFY is unique because of its graphical and vocal nature, its deep
understanding of kids, and, through innovative software that can be easily
downloaded, is the only site that is 100% safe! The web site combines a
graphical index of subjects and thousands of sites, that were humanly picked
by teachers, plus interactive and educational activities that overall
answers all kids' needs in the virtual Internet world. And all the while,
ALFY has its own brand character, named ALFY, that guides and accompanies
kids through their fun journeys in the site.

Jeff Moss
Director Of Education
ALFY, Inc.

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