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Marco Renna

Nov 17, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/17/99
ePALS Classroom Exchange < http://www.epals.com/info/2015/0> is the world's
largest K-12 educational epals (electronic pen pal) network. More than
18,574 classrooms from 108 countries are utilizing ePALS to form
international friendships, and exchange information and ideas via the
Internet. Since 1996, ePALS has
offered students and educators a free, user-friendly resource where they can
participate in cross-cultural learning and access educational content. Users
their own countries and cultures as well as their global counterparts, by
sharing class projects and information on language arts, history, geography,
studies, science and more.
Another valuable site resource is ePALS Web mail, a free web-based email
service for educators and students to facilitate classroom exchanges
and use as a personal email account. Email can be sent and received from
any computer with an Internet connection whether at home, the library or
computer lab. ePALS Web site is available in English, French and Spanish and
to enhance security, user accounts are utilized. --


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We appreciate your great feedback and support and continue to welcome
your comments at <http://www.epals.com/info/2015/6>.

Marco Renna
Online Research
"The world's largest wired classroom network -
over 18,574 classrooms participating - worldwide!"
< http://www.epals.com/info/2015/0>

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