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May 21, 2009, 11:23:25 AM5/21/09
Although the CBC is publicly funded the jews' lobbies have their
people in key positions within the organization and so are able to
quietly decide what is to be broadcast and how to spin it.

Typical consideration that you will find evidence of are:

1. Repeat dogma about the so-called "Holocaust" but disallow public
discussion on it.

2. Present stories of Jewish suffering, victimhood and achievements.

3. Present Muslims and Arabs in bad light. Label them as "militants",
"radicals" etc..

4. Present the Catholic church in bad light.

5. Create media "outrage" on any incident the the jews lobbies want.
For example, if someone criticizes jewish power.

Back to the CBC. In the past 24 hours, from CBC radio's morning and
evening newscasts, I note the following evidence of CBC being part of
the jewsmedia. (I no longer watch CBC TV - got Aljazeera via
satellite. It's free too.)

A. Wednesday morning. Iran has tested a missile with a range "capable
of hitting Israel". CBC made no mention whether Israel had missiles
capable of hitting Iran.

B. Wednesday evening. Art being returned to former jewish owners. This
theme recurs peridically. The word "Nazi" was used 3 times. Editors
also sneaked in "Six million" was twice.

C. Wednesday evening. Catholic church in Ireland. Some issue with the
church abusing boys, IIRC.

D. Thursday morning. Four men arrested on conspiracy to blow up a
synagogue in New York. An earlier edition makes a link to Muslims -
but more recent version drops this.

So CBC is part of the global jewsmedia and it is constantly airing
stories the fit their global (zionist) agenda.

The Doctor

May 21, 2009, 3:16:10 PM5/21/09
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Shut up Grosvenor / Hamilton . Chronic lying punch!
Member - Liberal International This is doc...@nl2k.ab.ca
Ici doc...@nl2k.ab.ca God, Queen and country! Beware Anti-Christ rising!
Never Satan President Republic!
If you cannot lead a family how can you pastor a church?


May 22, 2009, 11:16:32 AM5/22/09
On May 21, 12:16 pm, doc...@doctor.nl2k.ab.ca (The Doctor) wrote:
> In article <0a4c6cce-ac26-4095-97f0-55dcc2328...@d2g2000pra.googlegroups.com>,
Hardly an intelligent rebuttal.

Friday morning: Yet another plug for "The Holocaust" on CBC radio. A
mention of a human rights museum which will include Canada's natives'
issues and "The Holocaust".

I haven't yet figured out yet what "The Holocaust" has to do with
Canada to warrant taxpayers money. When religions build their
structures to promote their myths, they pay for them themselves. Huh -
Jewish power again!

PS. I wonder if the jews will put bars of "pure jewish soap" on
display. I think there are plenty of bars available since some of the
Holohoax museums in the US pulled them after the advent of DNA

Here is a nice, humorous, footnoted report, "The Jewish Soap Myth"
found on this page


May 22, 2009, 10:26:08 PM5/22/09

>> --
> Hardly an intelligent rebuttal.

You know, despite all of your wingnut postings about Judaism, this is
probably the first intelligent and correct thing that I've ever seen you
post. Congratulations, there may be hope for you yet.

"It's the customer's privilege to burst their own f*cking yolk."

-Gordon Ramsey


May 23, 2009, 3:09:27 PM5/23/09
On May 21, 1:16 pm, doc...@doctor.nl2k.ab.ca (The Doctor) wrote:
> In article <0a4c6cce-ac26-4095-97f0-55dcc2328...@d2g2000pra.googlegroups.com>,

STFU, you stupid little zionazi puppet.

> Member - Liberal International  This is doc...@nl2k.ab.ca
> Ici doc...@nl2k.ab.ca God, Queen and country! Beware Anti-Christ rising!
> Never Satan President Republic!

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May 25, 2009, 10:58:18 AM5/25/09
On May 23, 12:09 pm, "Mr.Smartypants" <bunghole-jon...@lycos.com>
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Monday morning May 25: CBC jews are at it again. Today there is a
story about the custody of a child whose parent has beliefs the jews
don't approve of.

Half asleep, I thought I heard the buzz smear labels typically
used ... "white supremacists" ... "skin heads" .... "nazis" ....
"holocaust deniers" (no doubt with a capital H on the script.

Now thinking about these labels, is there anything inaprorpriate about
being a part of any of them

"white supremacists" - why shouldn't the whites promote their race,
and blacks foster black pride .... just as jews in synagogue basements
foster their own supremacy?

"skin heads" - not permitted to shave one's head?

"Nazis" - a smearing substitute for the German National Socialist
Workers party, one of the most democratic, successful, clean,
political movements of the 20th century to which millions proudly

"holocaust denier" - something wrong with questioning some of the most
unbelievable aspects of the so-called H-word?

Aha! Now we understand. The jews at CBC are doing the work of
international jewry. They are trying to stamp out these activities
with their smearing labels.


May 27, 2009, 7:41:43 PM5/27/09
Kixi...@hotmail.com wrote in news:0a4c6cce-ac26-4095-97f0-55dcc2328e62

They are run by Jews. The media in Toronto is one big Jewish club. They
have heavy ties to Toronto politicians (many Jews) and Jewish real estate
development interests. That's why there are virtually zero environmental
assessements done when developments are proposed in Toronto.

Objecting Observer

May 29, 2009, 12:20:46 PM5/29/09

Great posts Kixi! Thank you for your work!

I used your posts as part of an article on the CBC J-wsmedia.

J-ws need to get out of media, finance, education and government.

No need to kill the kvetching rats, just keep them out of those areas
where they worm in like parasites hooking their barbs.



May 29, 2009, 12:33:02 PM5/29/09
On May 29, 10:20 am, Objecting Observer <J-wSuprem...@is.il> wrote:
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I hope that the Jews infest your house, your bed, your hair, your
sofa, your dog and your cat. Why and how can so many people be so
rabidly anti-jewish ALL of the friggin time. They MUST be mentally


May 29, 2009, 3:50:37 PM5/29/09
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> I hope that the Jews infest your house, your bed, your hair, your
> sofa, your dog and your cat. Why and how can so many people be so
> rabidly anti-jewish ALL of the friggin time. They MUST be mentally
> deranged.
> =

Or, you're a slow learner...


Concerns of a Canadian by Grenville Rogers
May 22nd, 2009


[Editor’s Note: Mr. Rogers is an octogenarian with the political
perspicacity of a wise Elder.

There was a time when cultures respected the words of their Elders as
is still traditionally so in Native American circles.

Maybe it’s time we once again began paying homage to those who have
the courage to speak out in defense of their country when even to do
so is deemed to be politically incorrect by some.

I, for one, hold Grenville’s advice in the deepest of respect and
admiration and thus would admonish other Canadians who believe in
their country and its prized possessions of freedom of speech and
political and spiritual sovereignty to do as he has done. Speak out!
Voice your opinions without fear and with conviction and sincerity and
the knowledge that what you are doing WILL have a positive effect upon
others. If we are to ever regain our footings as an independent and
free country and repossess our respect and our integrity then we MUST
face our enemies who, from within, are hell-bent on destroying all
that Canada once was that made her great and glorious.

Please pass this vitally important letter on to as many concerned
Canadians as you can think of.]


Mr. Irving R. Gerstein, CFO
Conservative Party of Canada Fundraiser
Irving R GERSTEIN irving_...@conservativefund.ca

Dear Mr Gerstein:

Mr. Gerstein, I am very concerned about the future of my country, and
the direction in which our current Prime Minister is forcing us to go.

In good conscience, I cannot, and therefore will not longer support a
party or government that does not act in the best interests of Canada
and Canadians, a government which supports terrorism, as does the CPC
under its present leader. The party and its leader practice deceit
and hypocrisy, and act in secrecy. I am convinced that not one single
Canadian really trusts this leader or government, or Mr. Ignatieff or
Mr. Layton. Integrity, at every level, is conspicuous by its complete
and utter absence.

Mr. Harper has proven to be a dictator, not a leader of a democracy,
which Canada pretends to be. Canada was, at one time in the distant
past, close to being a democracy. Canada has never been a democracy.

Canada is defintely not the “Free and Democratic” country that our
erstwhile leader(s) trumpet it to be. We certainly do not have
“Freedom of Expression for all” and we are demonstrably not
democratic. Canadians live under the most powerful dictatorship in the
world. Canada’s PM Harper has placed Canada in the deadly vortex of
the doomed “USS Titanic”. He will not be a captain that goes down with
his ship. Mr. Harper also has clearly demonstrated that he now
worships at the Trinitarian Synagogue (Israel, Judaism, Zionism)., the
central dogma of which is the gospel of a sacred holocaust.


Do you get that strange feeling of being surrounded by foreign
interest groups?

The leader and party have declared support for a particular religion,
Judaism, over all other religions. This is odious, especially in light
of the supremacist teachings of the most holy book of Judaism, the
Babylonian Talmud.

PM Harper, as does each puppet US President, takes his cue and orders
from the Israel Lobby.

President Ariel Sharon was very blunt, straightforward and truthful,
when, on 3 October 2001, he told Mr. Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol
Yisrael radio, that “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the
Americans know it.”

Mr. Sharon’s complete statement to Mr. Shimon Peres is: “Every time we
do something, you tell me America will do this and will do that … I
want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American
pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the
Americans know it.”

Menachim Begin, Former Prime Minister of Israel, declared:

“Our race is the Master Race.
We are divine Gods on this planet.
We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.
Compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
Other races are considered as human excrement.
Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.
Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron.
The masses will lick our feet, and serve us as our slaves.”

I find these statements most disturbing, especially in light of PM
Harper’s total commitment to Israel and to the defense of Judaism.
Perhaps you are similarly concerned.


B’nia Brith International - secret society of Zionists hiding
behind Canada’s infamous Section 13(1) gag laws
Mr. Harper is the most dangerous PM that Canada has ever had.
Deceitfully following in the footsteps of his predecessors as regards
the NAU (North American Union). He professes to be an economist, yet
has no idea of, let alone intention of using the Bank of Canada to
finance true infrastructure, and the maintenance of existing true

He, all by his dictatorial self, commits billions of the taxpayers’
hard-earned dollars to military equipment and foreign policy
misadventures. But he never tells Canadians where that money comes
from. He is mortgaging our great-grandchildren’s lives. He could and
should, but will not use the BOC (Bank of Canada) for true
infrastructure projects that benefit Canada and Canadians.

Please convey these concerns and the warnings implicit in them, to PM
Harper. Thank you.


Grenville Rogers

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