So... Since There Are Heterosexuals Who Are Pedophiles... It's Perfectly....

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Feb 7, 2023, 9:17:34 PMFeb 7

... fine to let LITTLE children be exposed to DRAG QUEENS who might also be
pedophiles. Good logic.

LIBERAL Logic 101.

Are we exposing children to heterosexual male revue dancers?

Are we exposing children to heterosexual female stripper club dancers?

I don't hear or see any of THAT going on, so why are we exposing them to Drag

Please explain... why are we NOT exposing children to heterosexual nude/not
nude dancers, but it's OK to expose them to homosexual or transsexual sometimes
nude dancers?

Because of AGENDAS, you fucking morons.

ARE there any drag queen pedophiles?


A Second Houston Library Drag Queen Was A Child Molester And Reporters Refuse
To Cover It?


Drag Queen Story time: Convicted Pedophile, Dressed As A Woman, Reads To Kids
At Public Library

The library ignored its own rules about background checks, allowing the
pedophile access to kids.


Albert Alfonso Garza was convicted of sexually assaulting a boy in 2006, before
taking part in "Drag Queen Storytime" in a Houston public library in 2017 and

Snopes Rating: True


It doesn't HAVE to be a Drag Queen, per se... but it COULD be.

Meanwhile, in Tucson:

"Woke" Teacher Who Organized Drag Show for Kids Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Zobella Brazil Vinik, 29, arrested by Tucson Police Department's Child Sexual
Assault Unit


Pedophile Drag Queen Arranged To Meet Father To Have Sex With His Children, 8
And 11, But Was Caught By Police Who Set Up Sting Operation


Obviously you never took Psych 101 and you missed the anathema to nature Drag
King sticking a microphone where his dick is and shoving it up to a little
boys' mouth.

"Molestation" doesn't HAVE to be physical only. Think of the mental images
these kids are going to carry with them.

So... you WANT this for children?

> Catholic Churches = hundreds of children molested.

And they were excommunicated.

> Which one is the greater danger? Hmmm........

They're BOTH equally sick. So, are you saying that because there are priests
who did what they did, drag Queens for children is perfectly fine?

Again, the priests were punished.

NO ONE is saying it's OK to have Drag Queen shows for little children, because
priests molested boys.



Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you the Democrats' best: Old-Rich-White-
Religious Freak, Joe Biden

Or As Old-Rich-White-Religious Freak, Joe Biden Would Say: "Labadies and
Gntlmn... I gve yu the Dmcrts' bst."




Joe Bidden Completely Forgets What He's Talking About In Excruciating Press

Joe Biden Gets Completely LOST in Middle of a Story

Biden tries to explain the Covid bill. This moron is President? Wow.

Biden's Dementia Flares Up, Has Complete Mental Short-Circuit During Speech

Out-Performed Every Presidential Challenger In US History?

Joe Biden: You Just Wonder

Joe Biden Fumbles Through Speech

Joe Biden Embarrassingly Delivers his WORST Speech while 'President Elect'

Barely There Biden Makes No Sense

Joe Biden Stumbles, Makes No Sense

Joe Biden Makes No Sense, Forgets When The 1918 Flu Pandemic Occurred

Joe Biden making Zer0 sense

Joe Biden Told Voters To "Go To" A Phone Number. Now, He Still Makes Zero

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