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Jason Kodish

Feb 6, 1994, 12:57:43 AM2/6/94
Hey, Kibo, get a load of this guy! :-|)

>Hey! I followed some other poster's advice and got rid of my kill file
>(I hate those damn things anyway) and just look at the fresh, steaming crud
>that scrolled right up my screen... Thanks, Jason!

Well, maybe if you didn't post to this newsgroup you wouldn't have this
problem, but since you appear to enjoy fresh,steaming, crud, by all
means, keep posting it. Oh, and by the way, your welcome.

>Oh, by the way, how are things at the "Department of Gravitational
>Engineering"?? Ha ha ha ha...

Excellent. Quite well, I'm so happy that you have concerned yourself with
our well being.

>What a fool you are.

I see you haven't changed a bit. Hmmmm, weren't you one of the fine folks
who whined to my sysadmin a while ago because I had the nerve to call
you what you are? Hmmm, now that wasn't very nice of you, was it.
Well, never expect people like you to believe in free speach, or to be
able to accept what they dish out.
What would you do if there were no authorities,Chuckles? Would you cry?
Now, I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings, would I.

There,there, Chuckles, There,There. Big uncle Jason is here for you

>Gee Jason, would you teach us all how to have good manners?
>Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? You're obviously such an expert.. *snicker*

Snicker all you want. I at least get to live knowing that I am not of
poor breeding, and that I am a decent human being to boot.

>And you of course are providing *so* much value to the country wasting
>thousands of tax dollars a year studying non-existant "gravitational

Well, since you are *such an expert* on gravitation theory, I mean being
a ...what was it you said you were....Managerial Business engineer,or
something like that (not that lill' ole me can see any use to that
particular field except to make oneself feel important), I will hardly
have to point out these articles to you:

Robert. L. Forward "General Relativity for the
Experimentalist"-Proceedings Institute of Radio Engineers 49 (May 1961) p892

Richard. Matzner "Low Frequency-Limit Conversion Cross Sections for
Charged Black Holes" Physical Review D 14 (1976) p3274

Joseph Weber, General Relativity and Gravitational Waves.
New York: Interscience Publishers,1961 chapter 8

"Guidelines to Antigravity"-American Journal of Physics 37 (March 1963)
p. 166

-Flattening Spacetime Near the Earth (Robert L Forward,Physical Review D
26 (1982 p735)

Carter Brandon "Complete Analytic Extansion of the Symmetry Axis of Kerr
Solution[...]" -Physical Review 141 (1966) p1559

Be silly if I didn't include Tipler's famous paper "On Rotating Cylinders
and the possibility of Global Causality Violation" Physical Review D 9
p. 2203

Wheeler, John A. "Geometrodynamics"

And one cannot claim to be even close to a gravitational engineer unless
one has Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler's famour book "Gravitation"
Which when completely studied would give you a competency level
equivilant to that of an electrical engineer(probably more so, actually)
in gravitation theory.

This is just a brief introduction to the number of books and articles out
on elementary gravitational engineering.
I would point out a recent flurry of articles on semi-classical quantum
gravity, cosmic strings,requirements for wormhole stabilization, and the
like, but I suspect you wouldn't even be able to begin to understand them.
It takes a certain amount of intelligence to comprehend general
relativity, and certainly more mental effort than a typical engineering
curriculum would.

> You may have your doubts about Daryle, but we have NO
>doubts about you--you are a net consumer of tax resources, and probably
>will be for quite some time.

Oh, you know soooo much about me. Waaaa! I'm going to cry!.
Har! I notice you contributing more to the American economy than to the
Canadian one. Doesn't that seem a little hypocritical? Seems you've taken
the taxpayers money and run off with it. Looks like I contribute more than
you to the canadian economy.

>You are also a liar, pretending that you pay more taxes than the

Only in your imagination. Not in what we folks like to call reality.

>Absolutely! We're all lined up waiting our turn to boot you...

Well, tough tobbogins. Ya 'aint gonna get the chance.
Heaven forbid concervatives(Har!) believe in free speach.
They might have to hear an intelligent comment.

Cheerieo,Charlie boy!

|Jason Kodish, |If the fabric of time
|University of Alberta,Dept of Gravitational Engineering|is truly seamless,
|R -1/2 g R = T (Einstein Field Equation) |the weavers still
| un un un |must sleep-anonymous

Jason Kodish

Feb 6, 1994, 1:47:55 AM2/6/94
Sorry Kibo, but I'd like to nominate this guy to the list of
net.....well, you know... :-) (I can't say 'cause he'll complain to my
sysadmin and try to get me booted off)

>Yeah, we're all shaking in our boots, waiting for a boob like
>you to sue us. Next...

OH! I'M A Boob? Oh, Charles dost thou have no mercy! With such arrows,
you pierce my heart(and other extranious body parts). Oh, so wounded I
bee, that thou has forsaken me

>Well, if the artificial copy didn't know what he was talking about,
>I'd say he was a pretty good duplication.

You would of course be wrong, found in contempt of court, and thrown in
jail with David-Malmo-Levine (picture an extremest version of me :-), and
you'll get the idea)

>Consuming thousands and thousands of tax-payer dollars studying
>something of absolutely no use to those tax-payers.

Well, maybe of no use to the average right wing slob, but of plenty of
use to mankind in general. And at least I've got the nards to stay in my
country, and not run off to the US with those "thousands" of taxpayer
dollars. Which of course societ will get back from me in triplicate.

>Which will again be a fine institution once you leave.

Except for the fact that right wing idiots have caused us to close down
the province's only faculty of dentistry, and have cut the university's
budget by 21%.
Not that you care.
(Take the money and run)

>In other words, you are a bold-faced liar. In an earlier post you
>said that the department *did* exist.

In a sense it does......but then my comments have a way of going above
your head and below your feet.

>Your attempts to learn English certainly have been.

And yours are soooooo much better. Pshaw!

>Of course you can! After all, you can steal thousands of tax dollars
>to pursue your pipe dream for as many years as you can convince some
>professor to let you stay in school.

Heck with that. I'll ask for federal research grants! :-).
Build a Tipler cylinder in the right riding, and hey! Voila,
millions upon millions of dollars. :-)
However, I'll be sure that if the dream pays off, that you reap none of
the benefits.

>Dept of Idiocy, more like.

Sorry, Charlie, that's your department, not mine.


At least the boy gives me a chear this time :-)

Jason Kodish

Feb 10, 1994, 12:54:10 AM2/10/94

>Like Kibo's going to waste his time on you, Doltish.

Sorry, Chuckles(ha,ha). Kibo likes me.

>I never complained to your sysadmin, Jason.
>It was *you* who went around complaining to sysadmins, remember?

Funny thing when I asked my sysadmin who whined. Your name was mentioned.
Guess what we call people who don't tell the truth?
We call them

>I still have the article where you admitted it. Shall I repost it?

I didn't know you were such a big fan of mine. Keeping my posts for
months and months on end are a sure sign of utmost devotion. Keep up the
good work,Charlie-boy

>Gee, Doltish, considering you are the one who goes running to mommy
>all the time, why don't *you* answer that?

Let's see, you mean you *wouldn't* whine to my sysadmin (like you did
last time) if I were to call you...say.... a "pompous arrogant stuffed
shirt with the brains of a sea slug, who knows as much about economic
policy and basic human decency as Mr. Bobbit knows about good maritial
relations)" Not that I would call you that.

>[reams of typical Doltish lunacy deleted]

Oh, you mean all those GR references that someone who takes whimpy
business engineering courses wouldn't have the brains to even begin
comprehending. Well, I suppose to someone like that, it would be lunacy.

>You know, it's funny--I consider people like John Spragge to
>be very much as left-leaning as you, Doltish, if not more. Yet he
>and I are able to have very reasonable discussions. Lots of "righties"
>and "lefties" are able to discuss their differences like adults.

Now that's a riot. I've had disagreements with many people before, folks
like Alain Simon, Mark Salyzn,and many others, and none of them seem to
plough the lows that you do. You talk about discussing things like
adults, yet you insist on calling me "Doltish", and insult me repeatedly.
You are the one who starts "pissing fights". You, Yes, look in the
mirror,Charlie-Bot. What do you see?
How old are you?

>making incredibly moronic accusations like that I don't believe in
>free speech when it is *you* that tries to shut people up. And you

I was the first who was the victim of the attempt to shut me up. I just
dished back what I recieved,and followed the same standards that you and
your buddies set up here. If you can't take it, than don't dish it out.

>blame every flame that you deservingly receive on your uninformed
>contention that the other person must be a "concervative" [sic].

My intention is quite informed. Of course, after taking the taxpayers
money and running off to the US, you haven't a clue about what is
happening up here. Must be fun to live high of the hog on the taxpayers

>how to spell it, huh?) or liberals, it has to do with the fact
>that you are a boorish, under-educated, hysterical, illogical,
>immature, obnoxious liar.

Under-educated! Har! I doubt you've got the brains to understand half the
stuff I play with every day. This comment coming from our Business/Management
Engineer. Pffhhhhhhht!. What a whimpy degree. I'm sure it's a cakewalk.
Try finding the Schwarzchild metric....from scratch, than we'll talk
about who's under-educated. As for the rest, you've described yourself
quite well, Chuckles. I'm proud of you!

>Have a nice day.

You to, Charlie.....BOY!
8-) <------ A picture of me to keep you all warm inside.

Jason Kodish

Feb 11, 1994, 9:32:13 AM2/11/94

>You'll have to forgive Doltish, he's under the mistaken impression that
>*anyone* cares about *anything* he has to say, except to flame it
>of course.

Mistaken again, Chuckles(and we all chuckle at Chuckles).
Your flames are getting more and more pathetic.
Proof once again that my intellect surpasses yours by leaps and bounds.
Go flame Clinton. You don't belong in can.politics, you are not a Canadian.

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