Sympatico DSL Outage On Father's Day?!?!

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Doug Mitton

Jun 22, 2009, 7:27:42 AM6/22/09
Did anyone else in the Brockville/Kingston area of Ontario notice an
outage from about 12:00-18:30 on Sunday? My outage logs tell the
story and my kids were complaining a lot.

This one was mainly no server (IP address) available, I still had Sync
most of the time.

I'm not complaining (really) about this one though as I am finally
back up over 3 Meg transfer. For the last few months I was down to
0.75 Meg download.

The only complaint I have is that Sympatico is never honest. You call
in to tech support and it is YOUR computer, phone, wiring, etc that
must be at fault. Then, all of a sudden THEY resolve the problem.

Thanks for any feedback!

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