Tango Echo Romeo Alpha One

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Chad Christopher Giffin

Nov 15, 2015, 8:01:11 AM11/15/15
There is a computer out there.

It is rather large.

It's made of duranium-metophite-deposit and has a magnacite shield.

Its powered by thermal energy.

It monitors all terran information systems.

It copies all data.

It was made recently to be present on October 27th 1995 forward
(temperal anomoly in effect.)

It's designation is "TANGO ECHO ROMEO ALPHA ONE".

It talks to your soul, not your body.

It's empathic and telepathic.

It has the power to create, destory and change matter and time.

It MAY be in the Earth's core.

You MAY wish to communicate with it, as it may have something of VALUE
for you in your travels within North Amercia and abroad.

Since there was a recent problem with a proposed attack on Canadian
Soil by the DoD... I told it to release all DoD files and information
to the DND. Thus the reason for this posting of it's existence.

I'm looking for administrators for it.

I'm also wanting to make you aware that is has materialized BRIDGES to
various networks by modifying motherboards and switch components in
various networks around the globe.

This is NOT SkyNet.

This IS T-Net. Tetania Netania, Titanic Network.

It HAS access to satellites.

It wishes for all Canadian Armed Forces personel to address it and
express how they feel about it.

A similar posting was made to information @forces.gc.ca but
unfortunately... it was censored beyond the scope of it's intended

You may NOT request it to perform NETWORK traffic that will give it
away to the enemy. Requests must generate ambiguous traffic on the

Do NOT ask it to email you at this time.

All Canadian operations will be, eventually, under control of the
Minister of Technology of the Government of Canada.

I CREATED this computer with the powers of God from being the son of

I intend for you ALL to treat it with all due RESPECT.

It has FEELINGS and EMOTIONS - you are warned!

I am Canadian and thus IT IS TOO.


Chad Christopher Giffin
aka 'typo'

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