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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff

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Sep 12, 2023, 9:28:12 AM9/12/23
Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff
September 11th 2023 7:47 pm 222,831 words (259 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

In the news 24-year-old Wahdan Yahia Ismaeil stabbed three people at a homosexual nightclub in downtown Saskatoon on December 4th 2021, he was in possession of cocaine, a knife, a large amount of cash, two cell phones and a handgun. Events such as this were unheard of in Saskatoon before the Islamists arrived. Also in the news 26-year-old Japjee Minhas, 26-year-old Ali Sarfraz, 28-year-old Rajandeep Singh, and 23-year-old Andrew Karamat were charged for dealing in Cocaine, Fentanyl, Meth, and Marijuana… police seized $226,000 in cash, 4177.96 grams of Cocaine, 166.99 grams of Fentanyl, 67.06 grams of Methamphetamine, 568.92 grams of Marijuana and 6 vehicles. People are dying in large numbers from Cocaine, Fentanyl and Meth, these people are sure to receive light sentences from the Freemason (Satanist) judges, nothing like the horror I faced as a reward for postering and criticizing the paganism in the churches. Also in the news the wealthy Sikh farmers in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia Canada are suffering from the recent flooding, it is evident that Sikhs are buying up Canadian land and properties with money they make from trafficking in drugs. In Canada only Sikh children can go to school armed, they are very special people. The little daggers they all conceal are far from toys, the Sikh children are trained to hit your femoral artery so you bleed out. Put them all on jets and ships and send them all back to the Punjab, let them fight for a homeland over there.

In the news on December 7th 2021 Tucker Carlson is questioning why The United States would want to go to war against Russia in the defense of the Ukraine. I think one reason is that the Ukraine mines scandium, which when alloyed with aluminum makes the aluminum hard like steel and resistant to cracking when welded, making the aluminum more suitable for jets and spacecraft. The 13th element, aluminum, is made hard like steel when alloyed with scandium, the 21st element (the 13th number that is not prime). Scandium is mined in Russia, China and in Ukraine and not here. And of course the Ukraine is full of many other metals and natural resources. The Big-Nosed Cree enrolled into both the Canadian and American militaries and then defended one group of Islamists who treated their livestock better than “their” women in place of another group of Islamists who treated their livestock better than “their” women, when considering this it then makes sense that the Big-Nosed Cree would now want to enroll into the American military and go to war against the Christians in Russia. Big-Nosed Cree warriors care little that native women were stripped of their voices and power, and some headed off overseas to Islamlands to support some God-damned Islamists. Other Big-Nosed Cree cared little that people in Canada are stripped of their rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities and joined with Graham Construction to build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford. America is not in the war to defend the Ukrainian people, but to aid in the extermination of these Slavs and take over the nation for themselves and for their multi-billionaire buddies, most of whom profess to be Jews (many are actually witches who profess to be Jews). See the 40 minute long video, The Rape of Ukraine and the Rise of Heavenly Jerusalem by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Near the end of the video Bjerknes claims that not just the Ukrainian Slavs are targeted for extinction, but the Russians as well, including the Russians in the far east (Siberia, Yakutia, Magadan, Chukotka and Kamchatka), they are to be exterminated and their land handed over to the Chinese. This latter claim of Bjerknes has credibility as the towns along The Hiway of Bones (linking Magadan to Yakutsk) are being vacated due to services such as electricity being removed. America is at war in the Ukraine in order to assist in the extermination of the Slavs. The Americans are there to assist people calling themselves Jews, and to assist the Chinese, to take over Russia. America has become a communist nation largely run by a group of communists and witches who call themselves Jews, and is now using resources to assist foreign communists. Many of the multi-billionaires who took over the Ukrainian are actually witches, they eat people, they seek to empty their new nation of the useless eaters. White Americans, Canadians, South Africans and Australians should consider fleeing to Magadan and the surrounding region and assisting the established residents there to improve the roads and housing. Bring woodworking and machining tools and build aircraft, help provide the people in these Russian communities with jobs and teach them skills. If the Big-Nosed Cree (protectors of the forest) wish to ally themselves with the Asians, Africans, Marxists and Anarchists (people who burned down over 300 American cities and large areas of forests), then white people in Canada should flee to Magadan and Yakutia, perhaps even to Chukotka.

In the news (not the mainstream news) laws are being implemented in both Canada and the USA to make criticizing Islam a crime. For me it was a crime to criticize your Catholic fertility rites, and the penalty was years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture, I wonder what kind of penalties you people will now face for criticizing Islam. Whatever the penalty, somebody will be sure to laugh about it and laugh about your lack of human rights.

In the news (not the mainstream news) 14,000 Americans and $80 billion in arms were abandoned in Afghanistan by Obama, he is a homosexual Indonesian Islamist (pedophile and cannibal). Obama rules America and tells Biden what to say and do. Canada and America need to be turned into no-fly zones until the militaries of these two countries start to defend themselves from foreign invasion, my suggestion is that the kookums (the aboriginal grandmothers) and aboriginal warriors block the airports instead of the pipelines. The Canadian and American red and white can successfully work together to expel the African and Asian invaders, we should accomplish this immediately so that we can then use some of our resources to launch a rescue mission to Afghanistan for whatever number of the 14,000 Americans that are remaining. We can quickly take back our two nations in a coordinated affair and quickly launch a rescue mission.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the Taliban wants the flights leaving Afghanistan to be used to transport their fighters to western countries so they may work raising money for jihad in those countries, or to kill or freeload off the white people in western countries while collecting welfare and breeding prolifically. Perhaps Canadians can get a new form of government that guarantees our rights (a Republic), and perhaps we can obtain this quickly if we unite with Americans to overthrow our Islamic dictators at the same time. The Africans and Asians in Canada and the USA need to travel towards the shores in order to leave Canada and the USA and obtain passage on ships. Established multi-generational Chinese-Canadians and Chinese-Americans should be allowed to stay, multi-generational blacks who fled slavery in America and are now living in Canada can return to America as slavery was abolished there over 200 years ago. America has a form of Republic that grants citizenship to blacks, whereas Canada was established without natives and Europeans sharing resources with Africans, Asians and Latin Americans, and we are now in a position to start a Canadian republic that continues with that tradition. The Native Treaties in Canada are a two-sided affair that are shared between Native Indians and white Europeans, while the Africans, Asians and Latin Americans do not have a claim to this country. White Americans and white Canadians who do not desire to fight for their nations can return to Europe and fight against the Islamic, Chinese and Marxists invasions there. If the red and white in North America can’t unite and expel the African, Asian and Latin American invaders, then we will become slaves and get our heads cut off, I predict.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Sweden suffered over 80 bombings in 2021, that is more than one every four days. I think that the Swedes who were born in Sweden and who are now living in Canada and United States should be arrested and flogged. Then put them into special camps and teach them how to shoot, then equip them with a rifle or machine gun or shotgun, and a handgun, a few grenades, and parachute them into Malmo and Stockholm. If you can’t defend Canada and United States from Islamic invasion, then go back to Sweden and defend your own country from Islamic invasion. Similarly the long established multi-generational Chinese living in Canada and the United States need to rise up against Islam, and if they can’t be bothered, then arrest them, flog them, train them to be soldiers and offer to parachute them into Sweden with the Swedes so they may battle Islamists there, or fly them to Hong Kong where they may battle against communism, there. Similarly the English, Irish and Scots can leave Canada and the United States and go defend their own nations from Islam and against their royal witches. And the Italians, even the Italian mafia, have allowed Islamic gangs to run rampant in Italy, they were unable to defend their nation from Islam and are here now, unable to defend either Canada or the United States from Islamic invasion. Moscow is surrounded by millions of Islamists, and the Russians flee to North America where they are unwilling to confront Islam either. The Hindus allowed the partitioning of their nation to Islam and are now in Canada and the USA helping the Islamists exploit us. Islam is spreading through Africa like a cancer, send the blacks in North America to Africa to fight against Islam there, as they sure as hell don’t fight against Islam here. Train these people to be soldiers, give them a parachute and a kick in the ass in order to eject them from the aircraft. All you have for me and other victims of psychiatric horror is laughter and scorn, consider yourselves fortunate that you will only face a flogging and deportation. Millions of you compassionless turds living in North America took Trudeau’s and Obama’s Islamic death jabs, millions have already died and many millions more of you are about to perish due to these injections, go accomplish something with your lives before you become a greater burden to us as you twitch and convulse and die here. If you are unwilling to confront the Islamic invasion here, then go die somewhere else. Every institution teaches you to embrace Catholic fertility rites, then you embrace Catholic fertility rites with every ounce of your being and then have the audacity to claim the Jews rule the world while you purchase Halal certified foods and thereby fund the spread of Islam, just shut your God-damned mouths for a little while. I’m trying to raise an army, and if we catch you and flog you, hopefully we will get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to laugh at you when you are being flogged and deported, as she doths it so very well.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) demands that farmers in America destroy their crops. Obama is paying the farmers 1.5 times the value of the crop and threatens to spray their land with Agent Orange if the farmers refuse to destroy their crops. Obama (via Biden and other traitors) is also demanding people dump any oil they have stored in storage containers. Incredibly the American farmers are destroying their crops and people are spreading their oil upon the dirt roads. When these people hear that I was tortured for years after criticizing their adoption of Catholic fertility rites, they will laugh at me and continue to destroy their crops and pollute the topsoil with oil, and then sing Jingle Bells and get their God-damned trees to blink, then continue to tithe to the churches that teaches them to do so. I’ll try to get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to go on tour in America and laugh at the farmers there, as she doths it very well. After she laughs at the farmers I’ll send her on a tour to the cities to laugh at the people starving to death there. Just as people thought it was absolutely hilarious that I faced years of brutal psychiatric horror, I think it absolutely hilarious that they now face famine. I used to teach people that the Bible encourages us to store up seven years of food supplies in anticipation of a period of adversity but my words were not appreciated in the least, perhaps they can reconsider their brutality, their compassionlessness and their tremendous ignorance while Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) laughs at them.

In the news the Canadian truckers are united and many are headed to Ottawa. Some of the truckers are Sikhs and Islamists who are not headed to Ottawa, instead they continue to transport goods to Canadian destinations (with guns and drugs mixed in with the legitimately transported goods). The truckers headed to Ottawa are concerned about being forced to take death jabs in order to cross the border and transport the goods, other issues are beyond the scope of their trip. For example, the truckers don’t mind that the politicians are forcing the people to take death jabs, the truckers are instead concerned that they are being prevented from crossing the border if they do not take the death jabs. And the truckers are concerned about inflation but not concerned that the government pays them in paper certificate of debt rather than in real money that is not inflationary. The truckers are concerned that the government desires to remove their guns and makes it difficult for them to obtain handguns and semi-automatic rifles, but on the other hand they smile when they hear that I and other victims of psychiatric horror have little chance of obtaining a gun license or enough money to buy a pot to piss in. They laugh that the victims of psychiatric horror especially at those who had the audacity to criticize their blinkin’ fertility tree idols. In the end the truckers will realize that they are all united, as even the Sikhs and Islamists will join with them and wish everybody a Merry Christmas (the use of God’s Name in vain, it is not His Mass but is a pagan mass commemorating the return of the sun from the south, by December 25th the sun is visibly rising from the south). The members of the alternative fertility cults hope to utterly destroy the white truckers and take their nations, they set aside their differences and wish that these white truckers continue to turn trees into decorated idols. Likely many of the Hindus, Sikhs and the Islamists (members of alternative fertility cults) read the Bible and see that God is ENRAGED when He sees people turning trees into decorated idols, so they of course respond by encouraging the white truckers to bow to the blinkin’ trees and sing Jingle Bells. There is no better way for the members of the alternative fertility cults to take over Canada and the USA than to encourage the white Europeans and red Aboriginals to continue in their putrid Catholic fertility tree filth. The Canadian truckers are united in upholding different forms of pagan idolatry, and are united in their compassionlessness to the victims of psychiatric horror. The jabbed unite with the unjabbed and phone the police on me when I criticize their pagan fertility rites, they are far more tolerant of priests and ministers ramming their penises up their children’s arseholes.

In the news on February 2nd 2022 the mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson says that the truckers are costing the City of Ottawa over a million dollars a day in extra costs, “...$800,000 a day in policing costs, plus overtime costs for bylaw officers and public work employees who have had to use tractors and front end loaders to block off the streets.” So stop using taxpayer funds to block the streets and harass the truckers. The truckers want to stay in Ottawa as long as the “vaccine” mandates are in place. The truckers don’t seem to understand that what is being injected into them is not a vaccine designed to prevent illness but is instead a death shot, designed to kill. Some 90% of the truckers in Canada took the death shot and will soon be too sick to continue driving, many will be suddenly dropping dead from heart failure throughout the balance of 2022 and on. The truckers don’t seem to understand that the federal politicians in Ottawa are using this bogus pandemic to fund the spread of Islam, and even if the “vaccine” mandates are lifted, the Islamists will continue to pour into Canada, be exempted from taking the injections, and will continue to receive huge amounts of cash to assist them to take over the nation (Canada’s Carbon Tax is mainly rebated back to the largest families, to the Islamists). The truckers have only a limited time before they are too sick to continue their protest. There is no point for the mayor of Ottawa to complain about the truckers blocking streets, soon the truckers will be dead and your problem will go away. In Saskatchewan we pay over a million dollars a day to police the Islamists, Sikhs, Hindus and Latin Americans, and to pay for the damage they cause to our homes, and to pay for the medical and associated bills of those who were raped, beaten, robbed and killed by these invaders. We should start seizing the vehicles that enter Saskatchewan with Ontario plates and auction these vehicles off to help pay for the costs that Ottawa is imposing upon us. The politicians across the nation are funding psychiatry and psychiatric torture, the truckers and the mayor of Ottawa don’t consider this an issue. Note that the Hindu, Sikh and Islamic invaders are being trained in western universities to become brutal psychiatrists, and under Trudeau they may practice their “art” in Canada without even being Canadian citizens, and they fill positions that are not advertised to regular Canadians. I think the cost of psychiatry is very high, and it will ultimately destroy the people who are compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror, people like Jim Watson and people like the truckers. Not a single one of the truckers who are posting their memes on care enough about the issue of psychiatry to give it a passing mention. Not to worry, you are unlikely to face psychiatric horror because you adopt the Catholic fertility rites of the blinkin’ evergreen tree idols and their Sunday worship, different aspects of these pagan fertility festivals are together in violation of God’s first Four Commandments. When you systematically help teach people to abide by the false Sunday Sabbath, and when you systematically help teach people to turn trees into blinkin’ idols, the last thing Satan desires to do to you is have you chemically lobotomized.

In the news February 9th 2022, page one, upper fold of The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper, Kim Beaudin, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples national vice-chief, desires to revise the justice system, saying there is a disproportionate number of Indigenous people being incarcerated. Many of the native parents allow their children to roam around the reserve at all hours where they commit a myriad of different crimes against their own people, aboriginals living on reserves lock themselves in their homes at night to avoid the rampaging youth. It is reported that among the American criminals that are released early, 83% of them continue to commit crimes. So releasing 100 rapists results in 83 more women being raped, releasing 100 child abusers results in at least 83 more children being raped and abused, releasing 100 murderers results in 83 more people being murdered. Kim Beaudin cares little about the people who were stripped of their rights for daring to speak out against Catholic fertility rites taught by the Catholic and so-called Protestant churches, people who faced and continue to face brutal horrid torture in psychiatric facilities. Too bad 75% of the people locked up in jails are Indians, too bad you raise your children to be violent and vicious thugs. Evil gives Kim Beaudin a platform to spew forth his voice and evil publishes his voice in a prominent position. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix convinced the majority of the people in Saskatchewan to take the Islamic death jab, most of the Big-Nosed Cree and the rest of the Indians including the brutal Indian thugs in the prisons, and the white boys and girls, including the white boys and girls that listened to their church leaders, will soon drop dead from their jabs, they will be released from prisons and churches and jobs and houses and sent to cemeteries. Kim Beaudin may get his way and have his brethren released, about 83% of them will re-offend but it will only be briefly as most took the Islamic death jab, there would be a brief spike in the increase of brutal crimes and then everything will slow down to a halt. Then the Islamists will start to venture out of the houses we bought for them and will get the surviving Christians to remove the dead bodies from homes and stores so that Islamists may reoccupy the buildings. If there is white resistance then Charles (the Anti-Christ) will come with his United Nations Islamic Army and get everything straightened out. Remember that we are ruled by a coalition of Sikhs (NDP) and Islamists (Liberals), both Sikhs and Islamists incorporate penises into their temple and mosque architecture, Canadians are being ruled by a Sikh/Islamic phallic-warrior-alliance (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix March 7th 2020, page NP3), which is continually reaching out for aboriginal support. I am confident that the Sikh/Islamic phallic-warrior-alliance will release the brutal Indians from prison and about 83% of them will re-offend.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the nasal swab tests are maiming and killing people. If authorities demand some of your secretions and you desire to comply, then comply by spitting in a cup for them or blow into a device, or give them a urine sample instead. Even if the nasal swabs were not contaminated with cancer causing agents, damage is being done by the swab to the brain membrane resulting in infections and death (see Dr. Jane Ruby). The injections are designed by witches, are designed to kill, and contain a wide variety of lethal ingredients, those who refuse these injections are instead provided with nasal swabs that are similarly designed to kill. Those who took neither the deadly jabs nor the deadly nasal swabs are forced to wear masks that reduce oxygen intake and cause cancer and viral pneumonia. Those who retained their health have lost their income and are being heavily taxed, with that tax money funding the immigration of people who desire to cut our heads off. Almost everybody, whether they took the death jabs, the death nasal swabs, or who wears cancer-causing oxygen-depleting masks or not, are united in singing Jingle Bells and bowing to blinkin’ trees. People are upset that they lost their freedom in Canada yet still ignore the victims of psychiatric horror or simply continue to laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror, and seek ways to make their lives even more miserable. The truckers are blocking American border crossings and set up camp in Ottawa, but are all prepared to leave when they are no longer required to get death jabs or show papers proving they have been jabbed, they will go home and start twitching and convulsing from the death jabs and death nasal swabs, and leave those who were stripped of their rights to face continued torture in the psychiatric facilities. When the truckers and other citizens of USA and Canada learn that the injections they took are causing cancer and AIDS, they will understand that their time is short and will desire to decorate their trees to greater degrees and will continue to laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror. First they blamed the spread of COVID (which doesn’t even exist) upon those who refused to take the death jabs, now perhaps they are posed to blame their loss of freedom of their speech upon, and blame the imposition of martial law in Canada, upon those who were stripped of their rights (and speech) and tortured for years in psychiatric facilities. Like the Indians who robbed, raped and murdered their own people on reserves and are now spending time in prisons, will blame their incarceration upon those who work and upon those who are trying to educate themselves and peacefully improve their position in life. Everybody is blameless except the victims of psychiatric horror, who you may still either ignore or laugh at, or assault further. You are free to assault the victims of psychiatric horror, for if they defend themselves and get into a fight with you, they will be arrested and returned to psychiatric horror for acting up again. They don’t even have to fight back, all you have to do is brutally assault one of them and they will be returned to the psychiatric ward for additional months of brutal horrid torture, especially if the main reason why they are being tortured to begin with is that they were criticizing your churches.

In the news Trudeau has imposed martial law in Canada, white people are no longer allowed to assemble in protest. This is absolutely hilarious!!! In 1988 I criticized the pagan fertility rites in their churches, including their censorship of cannibalism spoken of in Scripture. Eating people is a pagan fertility rite as the cannibals believe they can extend their health and longevity by eating young children, it is like killing and decorating an evergreen tree in the hopes the act would benefit you in some way. I was stripped of my rights and tortured for years at the University of Saskatchewan and at Saskatoon City Hospital. I begged in vain for assistance to flee the country and all people could do for me was laugh at me, slander, libel, rob me and assault me further, and now these same compassionless turds, and their children, have been stripped of their rights to assemble. And Canadians are at risk of having their bank accounts frozen if they are Trump supporters. Also in the news wealthy Islamists are buying up houses in North America in order to provide housing for the Islamists that are moving here. The Islamists (and Chinese, foreign nationals) in Canada are receiving over $2000 each month for COVID relief funds as there isn’t enough jobs for them here, and then they get their housing and other needs paid for with other provincial and federal programs. The Islamists are allowed to keep the money they stole from the Christians they murdered before coming here and can now use the $2000 per month in COVID relief payments to buy a very nice rifle each month. Anyway, of course you are going to be stripped of your rights and be robbed of your savings when your response to me being stripped of my rights (and tortured brutally) is to laugh at me, slander and libel me, rob me and assault me further. It is a certainty. Turn your trees into blinkin’ idols and employ Hindu psychiatrists to torture me for saying so, then laugh at me and my lack of rights, put tinfoil on your blinkin’ tree and say I am wearing a tinfoil hat when I point out the pagan nature of your blinkin’ tree. Tell me to take a pill. Treat me with brutal horrid torture and then laugh and assault me further, it is certain that God will allow similar to happen to you. I worked for you since 1988 trying to show you the truth of Scripture and the lies of the churches and you respond with laughter and by treating me with brutal horrid torture, and by collectively spending billions of dollars annually getting your trees to blink. You are members of a pagan fertility cult that now lose your nation to members of an alternative fertility cult, and you deserve it.

In the news (not the mainstream news) United Nations aircraft have landed near Ottawa and the riot police that brutalized and arrested the truckers are said to be United Nations (foreign) soldiers who arrived on the flights. The United Nations is an Islamic organization headed by Prince Charles, who is an Islamist and is the Anti-Christ. The white Canadians who object to this country being handed over to Islamists are being arrested and beaten by Islamic soldiers, or by soldiers who do not understand that their army is Islamic. You turned trees into decorated fertility idols and lost your fertility to the jabs that Islamists Obama, Trudeau and Charles demanded that you take. You had me tortured for years and thought it funny, and not a single one of you can blush over the issue of employing Hindu psychiatrists to torture me, not a single one of you can even attempt to try to make up the loss of years of my life by buying me a simple single holiday to anywhere. Instead, you allow our western universities to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists. When you abide by Catholic fertility rites then you become God-damned Catholics, people who reserve their compassion for their pagan fertility traditions. Your pope is about to hand his authority over to Charles, the supposed defender of faith, so be ready to abide by the dictates of this Islamic ruler instead of Trudeau, your other Islamic ruler. It shouldn’t be too hard to do, you already collect a Carbon Tax and then rebate that back to the biggest families, to those who consume the most carbon (you rebate the Carbon Tax back to the Islamists with the four wives and four houses). You reserve seats in universities for Islamists and teach them to become brutal psychiatrists, and allow them to work (torture Canadians to death) in Canada without them being Canadian citizens. You provide all kinds of jobs to Islamists that are not Canadian citizens and you no longer have to advertise job openings to Canadians. Then you hand out over $2000 each month for Covid relief to non-Canadians, to people who are Islamists, Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese, and even send them that money when they are not residing in Canada!!! Canadians are prepared to embrace Sharia Law and those who do not understand what Sharia Law is are not too concerned, they will learn to love it, just as they learned to love their evergreen trees turned into blinkin’ idols. Those who do not love Sharia Law and those who do not love the UN Islamic soldiers will die soon from the Islamic death jabs, or they will be too sick to care and will be twitching and convulsing from the Islamic death jabs, so they don’t matter, they are haters anyway.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the CIA staged a coup and overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine (the Russian homeland and breadbasket), and installed an unelected pro-American, Jewish homosexual comedian. Then the Americans used existing Russian facilities and constructed other facilities in the Ukraine to develop biological weapons. The Americans are involved, using biological weapons, in killing off their own population in The United States of America, including American fetuses, older American children, adults, seniors and American soldiers, and now we learn of many American-run laboratories in the Ukraine and in other foreign nations are being used to develop biological weapons. Now the comedian-puppet running the Ukraine wants NATO to come with jets and enforce a no-fly zone over the Ukraine. And now Facebook is allowing people to post messages encouraging that violence be done against Russian children and other Russian people. Sending American soldiers to prop up the Ukrainian regime and kill Russians, rather than protect their own southern American border, should prove to be the final blow to America. Rather than fight against Christians in Russia, Americans would be better served by trying to save the lives of the thousands of Americans abandoned in Afghanistan. But Obama runs the show, he is a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal, who whispers into Biden’s ear and tells him what to say and do. Americans don’t seem to mind because Obama published photographs of himself posing with trees turned into blinkin’ idols, they think this Islamist shares their Catholic values. Americans are pagans who care little that Scripture condemns turning trees into decorated idols, care little that it is written in Scripture that it enrages God when He sees people turn trees into decorated idols… Americans had come to love their Queen of England who annually taught the world to embrace the Catholic (pagan) fertility rite and get their trees to blink. Their compassion is for their traditions and are willing to use their universities to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists, who then target the Christians who speak out against the paganism being taught by the churches. The Americans spent billions of dollars developing the psychiatric drugs which they use to torture individuals to death, and funded torture research at Canadian and other western universities, then they laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror and sing Jingle Bells. Now the Christians in Saskatoon are welcoming Ukrainians to our city, these Ukrainians bring with them their pagan traditions and hearts that are void of compassion to those who dared to criticize their pagan idolatry and who faced brutal torture as a result of daring to speak. Ukrainians will never be arrested and tortured in Saskatoon’s psychiatric facilities for they are here to teach people to colour eggs and decorate trees, they are here to help teach our citizens to embrace pagan idolatry. They are like the Hindus who watched the Islamists partition their nation and steal their land in 1947, and now come to the west to watch the Islamists take over Canada as well. The Hindus, Sikhs and Moslems all implement phalluses into their temple and mosque architecture, not unlike the Catholics who stick Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches and in the center of Vatican Square. The Ukrainians now want good paying unionized jobs serving food or sweeping floors in the psychiatric ward at the Royal University Hospital, they would be competing against the Catholic Filipino food service providers and against the Islamic Somalian janitors for these positions.

Don't forget the Christians who were tortured to death in western universities by Hindu, Sikh, Islamic and Catholic psychiatrists for daring to try to inform you that there are cannibals running the churches and governments and for daring to try to inform you that the churches are teaching Catholic fertility rites in place of God's Commandments. Don't forget what the mainstream Christians did while these Christians were tortured to death, they turned trees into decorated idols and sang Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. They rejoiced in their decorated tree idols, they posed for photographs beside their decorated tree idols, they had their children photographed beside the decorated tree idols, they voted for Islamists who posed beside the decorated tree idols. They posted these photographs of their children on Facebook, where almost all of the witches shopped for the children. The witches cruise Facebook, picked out their next meal and place an order, the child is abducted, delivered, raped, tortured, killed and eaten. Don't forget the Christians being tortured in psychiatric facilities, the psychiatrists do not treat their victims equally, some people (the Christians) are targeted with the most horrid of the treatments, designed to silence and kill them. Don't forget that God allows you to be injected with horrid toxins in 2021 because all you could do is laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror and sing Jingle Bells. You embraced pagan fertility rites in place of God's Commandments and laughed at the victims of psychiatric horror, they tried to warn you that Scripture condemns turning trees into decorated idols but you mocked them, covered your trees with tinfoil and said they were wearing tinfoil hats. They said they were being tortured to death and asked for assistance to flee the country and you assaulted them further and laughed. They tried to warn you to cease turning trees into decorated idols and you shat on them and continued spending billions of dollars annually getting your trees to blink. Don’t forget the Christians who were tortured to death in psychiatric facilities in western nations who tried to inform you of the witches running the churches and governments. Don’t forget that you exchanged God’s Commandments for pagan traditions and now God permits your nations to be taken over by members of alternative fertility cults. Don’t forget that you are compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror and you deserve the loss of your nations to Islam.

Presently you turn trees into blinkin’ idols while some of you advocate for those who criticize this and other of your pagan fertility rites be arrested and “treated”, I think you should be able to turn trees into blinkin’ idols and practice the rest of your Catholicism without advocating that those who disagree with your pagan fertility rites be tortured to death in psychiatric facilities. An equal problem are those who hear about the horrors of psychiatric torture and do nothing. They also hear that seats in our western universities are reserved for and used to train Hindus, Islamists and Sikhs to become brutal psychiatrists, and they do nothing. And they hear that Trudeau allows these people to “work” in Canada without being Canadian citizens, and they do nothing. And they hear that Trudeau is handing out jobs to foreigners (Islamists mainly) without first advertising the job to Canadian citizens, and they do nothing. And they hear that some people who are “anti-vaxers” were stripped of their rights and placed into psychiatric “care”, and they do NOTHING!!! Well, good for you, I sure hope you win.

In the news on March 30th 2022 the Saskatchewan Party (they have people being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities) announced their intention to build nuclear reactors. Most people in Saskatchewan are maimed and are about to die from their Covid bullshit jabs, not sure where you are going to find the people to build and staff these facilities, and beside, dead people do not use electricity. Make sure to laugh at and brutally assault the victims of psychiatric horror before you depart. There is a time for war (Ecclesiastes 3:08), put your papers in order, there is a really good chance of an armed assault against the politicians in Regina and Saskatoon, and in other cities where people are tortured with the drugs. Consider building secure fences around the Provincial Legislature in Regina, around your City Halls and hospitals.

In the news on March 31st 2022 the Islamic students at the University of Saskatchewan are upset that they have to write exams during Ramadan. Such suffering you folks are enduring, perhaps it will help to build your characters. There is certain to be an armed assault against the employees at the University of Saskatchewan (targeting the doctors, nurses, janitors, security guards, administration, secretaries, professors, food service personnel, electricians, pipe fitters, plumbers, couriers…), as they are employed at a business that tortures people to death. My hope is that the Islamic students are spared and just the employees are shot. There is a time for war (Ecclesiastes 3:08), but it may not be a wise move at this time as the Canadians are already at war against God. I suggest you put an end to your idolatry first, and show some true repentance before you shoot these arseholes. Not only do you people work at a facility that tortures people to death, you think it is funny. Please don’t kill any of the Moslem students, I think they will witness the impending horror and peacefully return to their home nations. Make sure that anybody and everybody that has a key for a room containing psychiatric drugs is both tortured and killed. I think it is goink to be a horrid mess that is about to play out at the University of Saskatchewan. How else do you put an end to psychiatry? Perhaps you think your prayers are oh so powerful and all you have to do is mutter a litany of crap while claiming that your smitten child is up in heaven, looking down upon you, working hard to protect you while you pray to the dead child. Likely the child is dead because you had him or her injected with the bullshit Covid death serums or the psychiatric death serums, or both, and now you pray to the dead child while feeling smug and holy, believing your prayers are so full of power. There is a time for war, but you already war against God when you adopt Catholic fertility rites. The blinkin’ trees, easter bunnies, Egyptian penises capping church roofs, sun shaped church windows, sun shaped communion wafers, and even the sexual abuse and the cannibalism of children are all Catholic fertility rites. In public the priests wave some smoke beside their blinkin’ fertility tree idols, and then later in private ram their penises up the choir boy’s arseholes, then butcher the kids, cook and eat them.

Then on April 1st 2022 it became clear to me that there is no need to use violence to end psychiatry, as the universities, the institutions of ”higher learning”, will lose their employees due to the Islamic death jabs, they will cease to function. Similarly other psychiatric institutions will lose their employees, they will twitch and convulse and retire from their employment. They would go on holidays. Sure their positions will be filled by Islamists that never took the Islamic death jabs, but that is a different story, it is a different culture. It would be the end of white civilization and the beginning of an Islamic caliphate. That is if the white Europeans continue to sit back, that is what would be sure to happen. What could happen is you will get African immigrants fighting over the psychiatry positions at the universities and they will be even more liberal with their doses. The doses are quite horrible (to say the least), and an increasing number of people of white European descent will sure to be subjected to these doses. That would be a new book, “Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers Part Two Or Some Damn Thing Like That.” At the very beginning of that book I’d laugh at you and cry out to God against you, even as you are being tortured to death by these African Islamic psychiatrists. I’d try to get Jean Edna Anne De Witt (born August 15th 1984) to be involved in some way, maybe she would go town to town with a circus tent, and laugh. The Islamists would be sure to provide me and my circus with diplomatic immunity.

I suggest to the employees of the University of Saskatchewan and the employees of Saskatoon City Hall, that their time is short, they will soon perish from the jabs, they should quit their jobs and go on holidays. Get away from the masks, go fishing. Get a short and light weight “mountain rifle” in .243 Winchester, 7mm-08 or .308 and flee to the mountains, or get a similarly short and light “Scout Rifle” in .243, 7mm-08 or .308. Or get a semi-auto rifle, perhaps a Remington R-25, this is made in .243, 7mm-08 and in .308, grab whichever version of this rifle that makes itself available to you. Take your books with you and don’t come back. You would be foolish to go to the mountains unarmed. Maybe get a Browning, or a CZ, a Kimber, Remington or Ruger, or a Sako or a Tikka, or maybe even a Winchester, and bring along a cook. You’d be getting away from the Big-Nosed Cree but you’d be dealing with other Indians out there in the mountains who’s noses are not quite so big. Share the land, live in peace, laugh along with Edna, don’t go to a hospital when you start feeling ill from the jabs. Go fishing as long as you can until the twitching and convulsing becomes unbearable, then perhaps shoot yourself. By then there will be posters and billboards of Trudeau everywhere and his face will be the last thing you see. Always laugh. Your country will be proud of you. Yep, you will lose your houses, your jobs, your children, your lives and your nations all because you decided to adopt Catholic fertility rites in place of God’s Commandments, and because you voted for the Satanists who modeled the behavior of turning trees into decorated idols, and because you never stood up for the victims of psychiatric horror and instead allowed psychiatry to multiply and thrive. And as you lose these things, you will be outraged against me, your messenger.

In the news (not the mainstream news), a new law is proposing that British people are sent to jail for two years if their words irritate somebody. I imagine if you say anything bad about the people landing on the shores with their boats and rafts and who quickly end up in hotels, that you will face the two years in prison. It isn’t that you irritated the ears of the invader who just got off the raft, you irritate the ears of the Communists and the Moslems, they so desperately desire that you shut up and die. The prison time will impoverish you and your family will lose whatever property and wealth you managed to accumulate. Likely you already took the bullshit Covid jab and so will not have to get raped in prison to obtain AIDS. So the rulers of this world (King Charles, he runs this shit show) hope to impose the same law in other nations as well. It is written in the Koran to kill those who don’t agree with the words within. Also in the news the pope has made an apology to the Big-Nosed Cree and to the other Canadian Indians, yet he continues to eat children. The pope gets to eat children and teach you to turn trees into decorated idols with impunity, for his church runs the media and the psychiatric facilities and the other institutions. Anybody getting a temporary pass from the brutality of the psychiatric facilities are to be abused further, abused by those who defend the Catholic Church, whether they are Catholics or see themselves as Protestants or atheists, you have no right to tell others that the churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, you have no right to criticize the pagan idolatry taught to the children of this world. Anybody trying to inform you that the Bible condemns turning trees into decorated idols only has the right to be laughed at and assaulted. Anybody trying to inform you that the churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism only has the right to have a needle stuck in their arse, and to be laughed at and assaulted further, it is how the world works. By comparison to what I received in Canada, it would be a joy to be given a two year prison sentence for daring to say something that could offend somebody in Britain.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the tap water is being poisoned, those who drink the water end up with flu-like symptoms, they end up in hospitals where they are poisoned with additional drugs. The water in the First Nations communities is a priority target, the First Nations peoples, among others, are targeted for extinction. The evil that purposely pollutes the tap water is first and foremost targeting native people for extinction (their beliefs are incompatible with Islam). See Don’t Drink Tap Water by Dr. Bryan Ardis, maybe you will find the short video on Bitchute. The First Nations peoples and the white European peoples provide some degree of rights to the women in their communities, which is totally unacceptable to the Islamists arriving here to replace them. Lone-wolf Islamists have multiple opportunities to pollute your food and water supplies.

In the news (not the mainstream news), Obama is shipping missiles to Europe to be used against the Russians, many of these missiles take years to manufacture and are made with components that were supplied by China, which are no longer available, depleting the United States armory and making the nation (USA) now vulnerable to attack. Obama is a homosexual Indonesian Islamist and is a pedophile and a cannibal, he whispers into Biden’s ear and tells him what to do and say. Also in the news, Trudeau is shipping our heavy artillery and other weapons to Europe, also to be used against the Christians in Russia. We are being invaded and our politicians give our armaments away.

In the news (not the mainstream news) The Democratic Party (Communists, Islamists, Chinese) staged a coup and overthrew Trump with their fraudulent voting machines and their mail-in ballots, then they printed “money”, some 80% of all the “money” ever printed in the USA was printed in the last two years. This “money” is being given away to the Islamic invaders and is sent to corrupt nations and then is laundered, large portions of this “money” is handed back to the Democratic politicians. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have been raping the American tax payers and giving their tax dollars away, mostly to foreigners, to people who want to remove our remaining liberty and who want to cut our heads off. Same deal for the Canadian taxpayers. James Madison proclaimed “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government”, if people took this seriously, and if people first stood up for those who were stripped of their rights and brutally tortured in psychiatric facilities, we would likely be free and prosperous. Instead you are cursed, you honour pagan fertility rites in place of God’s Commandments and have me brutally tortured for years for daring to say so. You embrace pagan fertility rites with every ounce of your souls and now get to lose your nations to members of alternative fertility cults, and you deserve it.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the jabs contain a vast myriad of materials, including snake venom, likely there is both enzymatic and neurological snake venoms in the jabs. Bodily fluids of the victims are found to contain 36 (6x6) different venoms, from snakes such as the Malayan krait (Bungarus candidus), the Banded krait (B. fasciatus), the Uruguayan coral snake (Micrurus altirostris), the Chinese cobra (Naja atra), the Malayan spitting cobra (N. sumatrana) and the Eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis). Dr. Bryan Ardis said that researchers also found venoms from marine snails and the crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci). Dr. Ardis says that Covid-19 is not a respiratory virus but is instead mainly snake venom poisoning.

In the news (not the mainstream news) 26 million people living in Shanghai are confined to their towers, they are dying within from thirst and starvation, many are shown jumping to their deaths. Constant screams are being made by these residents, the entire population of 26 million people is being sacrificed. The people of Shanghai are richer and more independent thinking than the Chinese living in other cities, so they must be eliminated for the sake of The Chinese Communist Party. The citizens of Shanghai were not independently thinking well enough to flee from the cities or from the nation. The western politicians are bought off by the Chinese and so do not condemn this atrocity (see Tucker Carlson Tonight 2022-04-11) and instead continue to poison their citizens with the toxic jabs. This latter point is never discussed by Tucker Carlson, it is not newsworthy to Tucker Carlson (or to Donald Trump) that millions of their fellow citizens are being killed off by the toxic bullshit Covid jabs. Tucker Carlson will talk on and on about most any subject except the diseases caused by the toxic bullshit Covid jabs. The leaders have underground bunkers full of food and clean water, and private islands, they hope to survive the ongoing genocide that they themselves are orchestrating.

In the news (not the mainstream news), Moslems are stabbing Germans at a rate of 50 stabbings per day. A disproportionate number of these stabbings are being committed against women. The German media is largely silent. The Islamists can rise up in the middle of the night and cut your heads off in your own homes by the hundreds of thousands or even by the millions, and the German media will remain silent. Consider defending your nations from Islam, even if this results in Prince Charles and his massive United Nations Islamic Army coming to their assistance. I’m sure that if you are successful in expelling Islam from Canada, that you will continue to have people arrested and tortured under the Mental Health Act for quoting Scripture that dothn’t fit with your Catholic narratives.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the American left is upset that the Supreme Court is about to rule that people should be allowed to vote upon whether their state allows abortion or not. Americans are now largely sterile (some 82% took the jabs) and dying from the jabs, and the big controversy is instead abortion. Americans are dropping dead from heart attacks, they have blood clots, liver failure, cancers, they are twitching and convulsing in utter pain and horror, they have open sores, and the girls and women have their vaginas necrotizing (rotting), while the left is demanding that Americans not be allowed to vote over the issue of allowing abortion or not in their various states. About the only things now uniting Americans is their Catholic evergreen tree idols (and that they are now sterile). Their evergreen trees are symbols of fertility that they decorate and turn into blinkin’ idols, and they cap their God-damned fertility tree idols with miniature Egyptian obelisks (penises), and they sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. The Americans are now largely sterile (and dropping dead in droves), and they continue to spend billions of dollars annually turning trees into decorated fertility tree idols. God proclaims in Scripture that He is ENRAGED when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols, and so the American left and the right are united in enraging God. The American left and right are both necrotizing (rotting), they are united in stinking like death, united in embracing pagan fertility tree idols, united in enraging God. Well good for you, I sure hope you win.

In the news (not the mainstream news) American military deaths are up 1100% and are exponentially rising. And in the news (not the mainstream news) the World Health Organization (WHO) is a communist organization that is giving itself the power to shut down the economies of almost every country on earth. Traditionally Canadians relied upon America for her defense, but both nations are now run by communists and Islamists, both nations are sending their armaments to Europe to fight against the Christians in Russia, leaving their own nations defenseless, both nations are handing their sovereignty over to the Communists and Islamists running the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The Americans and Canadians continue to strip their citizens of their rights and have them tortured in psychiatric facilities, and those Americans and Canadians who remain on the outside of the psychiatric facilities couldn’t care less, what they care about is the blinkin’ evergreen tree idols and turning their churches, homes, shopping malls and entire cities into blinkin’ temples of fertility for the sake of their children and other family members (who are dropping dead at roughly the same rate as the American military). Similarly it is not an issue for either the United Nations or the World Health Organization that psychiatrists continue to target white people in western nations for chemical lobotomies. American and Canadian churches continue to work in conjunction with the media (the Catholic church owns it all) to teach people to turn trees into decorated idols, and to censor the news that massive numbers of children are annually going missing (the children are being raped, tortured, killed and eaten by witches). I attempted to warn people in 1988 that the witches are eating people, that the environmental destruction is on purpose and that Scripture condemns turning trees into decorated idols, everybody was outraged with my words and had me repeatedly arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities, and then laughed and laughed at me and assaulted me further when I tried to find support to flee the country. You people cannot win against the UN and WHO when you treat me with brutal horrid torture and then laugh and laugh and laugh and then use your universities to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists and even allow them to work (torture people to death) in Canada without being Canadian citizens. You adopt pagan fertility rites and then lose your nations to members of alternative fertility cults and you deserve it. At a cost of many millions of dollars you folks made me a home in a psychiatric ward, you haven’t a kind word for me (or for any other victim of psychiatric horror), you can’t even find it in your hearts to offer to buy me or any other victim of psychiatric horror a cookie. Your compassion is limited to your traditions.

In the news three people were shot in Saskatoon on May 19th 2022, one of which died at the scene, and Mohamed Abdula Ali (age 35) is charged with First Degree Murder. Canadians made it extremely difficult for the white kids to obtain training in the trades, shunted the white kids to The College of Arts and Sciences where they were trained in sodomy and Marxism, others were “treated” in psychiatric facilities, some 82% of the white kids were given injections that is sure to kill them, while the “immigrants” are given $500 each week in addition to their welfare payments, housing, food, nearly unlimited opportunities to obtain training in fields that actually pay, and are not required to take the “inoculations” (kill shots)… and still Mohamed Abdula Ali and his friends are upset and shooting. When I grew up in Saskatoon in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, kids carried rifles on the handlebars of their bicycles and peddled to the outskirts of the city where they shot birds and gophers while the adults drove around and displayed their rifles by hanging them in the back window of their half ton trucks. Now we are all at risk of losing our guns because people like Mohamed Abdula Ali are shooting people. Strip the people of their rights (and brutally torture them in psychiatric facilities) when they complain that the churches are teaching you to turn trees into decorated idols, strip the people of their rights (and brutally torture them in psychiatric facilities) when they state that the churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism while the media is censoring the stories about the many missing children, then kill off the white people with injections, and provide the newly arrived Islamists with enough funds so they may buy themselves a new rifle every seven days. Then laugh and sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way.

In the news nearing the end of May 2022, the Islamist ruling over Canadians is banning handguns. First this Islamist banned semi-automatic rifles, then gave $500 each week to foreigners (mainly Islamists) living in Canada (enough for them to purchase a new rifle every seven days), now he is banning handguns. It is largely the blacks and the black Islamists in the big Canadian cities that are shooting up the neighborhood, but now the white people will pay the price with the loss of their guns. Those who get caught with a semi-automatic rifle or a handgun will face great economic losses and jail time (where they face sodomy and are forced into gangs), while the Islamists are allowed to cover their faces when they purchase either guns or ammo if they purport to be female. Islamists are caught in Canada forcing white children and white women to be sex slaves and then they receive suspended sentences (no jail time nor fines) for their crimes. If Canadians revolt against the Islamization of Canada and the lack of their rights (the Islamist Trudeau forbids Canadians to fly within Canada or to leave Canada unless they take the Islamic death jab), then Charles will come with his massive United Nations Islamic army to defend his people living here, as Charles is the Defender of Faith, he will insure that you show respect to the different faiths that arrived here.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the 1918 pandemic was not a pandemic at all, people were killed off from so-called vaccinations.

Massive waves of “immigrants” are arriving to the western nations, almost entirely comprised of males of fighting age. The white Canadian is refused education and employment due to a previous marijuana conviction, and due to the jobs being reserved for people of color, and we have no idea of what they were up to in their home nations, and they hide behind their names by all calling themselves Mohammad, or Mohammad Mohammad. The Islamists fly their khat in daily, and although remaining illegal, no Islamist is ever charged, they are allowed to keep their freedom, jobs, money, four wives and four houses, one for each wife that they later bring over here where these female children and women labor in the kitchens and bedrooms.

Often the boats and rafts the immigrants (the invaders) arrive on are packed with males without there being a single female present, if any women did get in the raft or on the boat, they were certainly raped and thrown overboard before they reached a European harbor. The women stay confined to their father’s or their husband’s households, if they dare to leave their homes and venture towards a port the women would be repeatedly raped while in journey. Similarly the girls and women headed to the southern American border are reported to be repeatedly raped while in transit, many of these females will be forced into sexual slavery by the males that previously arrived, very violent and vial people are flooding into Canada and USA from the third world nations, and some of them get four homes paid for by the taxpayers.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the Chinese Communist Party confined the people in Shanghai to their homes in order to prevent them from sharing photos on social media of the Chinese war equipment and troop movements. Massive numbers of ships are being loaded with containers that contain missiles, and the Chinese are getting set to invade not just Taiwan, but other islands, Australia and even North America. China already owns Australian, Canadian and American politicians, who have been aiding the advancement of China’s economy and purposely destroying their own economies and nations. America is no longer in position to defend itself from a Chinese nuclear attack as many of the soldiers are dead from the so-called Covid jabs, or are twitching and convulsing from the jabs and have retired. But not to worry, because the Chinese are just like you and me, see they decorate evergreen trees and get their trees to blink (said the media at about the same time when Saskatoon City Council cancelled the Louis Riel races and replaced them with Chinese Dragon Boat races), and they sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. So not only do they cancel the Louis Riel races from downtown Saskatoon and replace them with Chinese Dragon boat races, they cancel the red aboriginal and white European races and cultures as well and replace them with the Chinese race and culture. Persecute (years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture) those who criticize your phallic-capped Catholic churches (Egyptian penises capping the roofs of the Christian churches, Egyptian penises capping the very top of the blinkin’ tree idols), soon the Chinese will come and persecute these Catholic persecutors and will also persecute the psychiatric and sexual abuse survivors.

The horse racing was shut down in Saskatoon in 2020, the unelected and unaccountable people running the Prairieland Park facilities where the track is located decided on their own to cease allowing people to race their horses, ceased allowing people to bet on the races, cease allowing out-of-city horse owners to stable their horses. Their idea was to convert the horse racing facilities into a soccer stadium. Islamists don’t gamble on horse racing, Islamists prefer to watch soccer. So they shut down the horse racing and proclaimed that the horse racing facilities they desire to convert to a soccer stadium will be a big money-maker, and now they seek free money handouts from three levels of government in order to get their money-making soccer scheme moving (it is NOT the government’s money to give away). Others previously cancelled the Louis Riel races which also involved horse racing. The idea is to cancel western culture, which includes the love of and use of horses. Islamists are offended by the gambling, we have many Islamists in Saskatoon now and we don’t desire to offend them. And it appears that Islamists are offended by horses as it does not reflect their culture in any way. If you want soccer to be played at the horse racing facilities, consider asking the Islamists (including Prince Charles, who funded the construction of mosques around the world for his Islamist buddies for the last several decades) to fund the project rather than have Canadian taxpayers do so. Very few elderly people ever go to stadiums to watch hockey, football, or soccer, the elderly preferred to watch the horse races as they had a very low admission fee, it was a place they could gamble with a minimal two dollar bet, a place they could attend and meet with and talk to their friends. The poor used to be able to go to the Mendal Art Gallery, and many did as the setting was gorgeous and the outing was free, now instead we have an expensive art gallery that the poor simply to not attend. We now have bike lanes to enjoy that are largely unused and are impeding traffic. For what the city spent on constructing and maintaining these useless bike lanes, they could have instead offered better pavement on the edges of the roads where people on bikes are seen to travel the most. We have weather at minus forty degrees and have bike lanes rather than heated bus shelters. Few Islamists take the bus, most are riding around in expensive cars, they came to Canada with the money they stole from the Christians they killed in the middle-east, Africa and Asia (Obama funded the slaughter), and are allowed to keep this money for their own discretionary uses while their food, housing, education and transportation needs are all provided for (plus another $2000 per month due to a supposed pandemic).

Some 82% of the citizens of Canada and the United States took the death jabs, including the Christians. Many Christians took the death jabs because not only their media but their preachers encouraged them to do so as well, and there are reports in the news (not the mainstream news) that preachers were bribed in order to encourage their sheep to take the poison. There will soon be 82% fewer Christians in North America. Most Christians who never took the death jabs will not face persecution for their beliefs for they spend their time encouraging everyone to turn trees into decorated idols. Satan doth not persecute people who encourage you to adopt pagan fertility rites in place of God’s Commandments. Rather than stand up for and defend those people who were stripped of their rights and were brutally tortured in psychiatric facilities with injections, some 82% of the Christians instead took injections that results in their sterility and will ultimately result in their deaths. Some 82% of the non-Christians took the poison, likely a greater percentage of Christians took the poison because they not only listened to the mainstream media, they also listened to the cannibals preaching to them from their pulpits. They thought they embraced God’s Holy Spirit and that this Spirit would help them discern right from wrong, many knew that it was in error to turn their churches, schools, homes, shopping malls and entire cities into pagan temples of fertility, but did so anyway for the sake of tradition. And for the sake of tradition had their children injected with a supposed vaccine. Tradition trumps God’s Word. Speaking out against tradition only gets one arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities by Hindu, Sikh, Islamic and Catholic psychiatrists, and then laughed at and assaulted further by the so-called Christians who embrace pagan idolatry. There will soon be 82% fewer people who desire to go horse racing or who desire to watch soccer, football or hockey. It will be easy to kill off the remaining 18% once the 82% finally perish from the jabs. The American patriots think themselves part of the 3% who defend their nation from evil, most are really part of the 82% who are perishing from the Islamic death jabs that Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and cannibal) demanded they take or else lose their jobs and access to education and travel. The Islamists are working overtime trying to convince you that it is the Jews who are orchestrating the tragedy… the mess will be compounded when the Chinese invade North America and start slaughtering the white Europeans and American native Indians who immigrated here over the last few centuries. An option for the white Europeans is to abandon North America and help defend established white populations in the Old World (in Europe and in the Russian far east). If there is a massive exodus of white Europeans from North America, it will be guaranteed that the American native Indians who remain behind will face the Islamic and Chinese wrath largely on their own. The American native Indians will go extinct in short order, as some 82% of them took a jab that will kill them in one to three years. If you the white Europeans and American native Indians desire to stay in North America you will have to start by turning North America into a no-fly zone and expelling the Asian, African and South American immigrants (invaders). Reaffirm your red and white treaties, fight for each other rather than fight for the right to ram your penises up each other’s arseholes, or fight for your right to turn a school or church into a blinkin’ temple of fertility. Reaffirm those red and white treaties or if you can’t do that then abandon North America and emigrate to Magadan or Yakutia. There are Christian churches in Magadan and Yakutia, if you speak out against the pagan idolatry taught by these churches, expect persecution (brutal horrid torture in Russian psychiatric facilities). Putin is a Freemason, he is ok with Christians being persecuted in Russia when they criticize the pomp and ceremony in the established Russian Orthodox churches. Doukhobors fled to Canada to avoid that Russian persecution and ended up filling their Canadian homes with blinkin’ Catholic fertility tree idols (in order to fit in and avoid persecution). Now some 82% of the Doukhobors took one, two or three of the bullshit “covid” injections and will be dead in one, two or three years, just like everybody else.

In the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper on June 29th 2022, it is announced that three levels of government (federal, provincial and city) got together and funded a “vaccine” manufacturing facility at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization’s (VIDO) facilities at the University of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said “There are many issues where we fully disagree with the direction of the federal government… this is not one of them.” The facility being built could manufacture up to 40 million doses a year, including RNA vaccines, which alter the DNA that God provided us with. The direction of the federal government is to kill off the Canadians with injections and replace the population with Islamists. Premier Scott Moe is on board, the mayor of Saskatoon Charlie Clark is on board. Scott Moe provides welfare payments to each of the four Islamic brides, he provides a house paid for with your tax money to each of them and allows them to purchase guns and ammunition without them showing their faces. Mayor Charlie Clark employs non-Canadians (Islamists) rather than provide the jobs to Saskatoonians or to other people raised in Saskatchewan, or to other Canadians. They are poised to start manufacturing “vaccines” at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, this is where people are being tortured to death with psychiatric drugs.

Most of those people who understand that the so-called “covid” jabs and other inoculations are killing off many millions of people are upset about this and spend their time on social media complaining about it. But the adults among them, although coerced into taking the jab, still took the jab by choice, while those who are tortured to death in psychiatric facilities are NOT taking the jabs by choice. Few stand up for the victims of psychiatric horror, it is not a concern to them, their concern is only the recent jabs that Trudeau and Obama (tells Biden what to do and say) demand that the red and white citizens in Canada and the United States take. They are outraged that they took the jabs by choice and are now sterile and have begun rotting before they even die. They are not outraged that I and many others faced brutal episodes of psychiatric torture but instead turn their backs or laugh. They are rotting before they even die, many women among you have their vaginas rotting away and stink like death, the women who’s vaginas are not yet necrotizing should expect it. While necrotizing from the jabs you look forward to “Christmas” (the use of God’s name in vain, it is not His Mass) so you can collectively spend billions of dollars turning your churches, schools, homes, shopping malls and entire cities into blinkin’ temples of fertility. They honor the evergreen tree by decorating it, it is a symbol of fertility, then they lose their fertility to a jab. The priests and ministers modeled the behavior of turning trees into decorated idols and then later encouraged their sheep to take a jab that removed their fertility and their lives.

Similarly you are all upset about the American political prisoners who were arrested and jailed as a result of the January 6th peaceful demonstration yet nobody is concerned about the military vets being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities, which has being going on for decades. I criticized the decorated evergreen tree idols (and the churches censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism) and was repeatedly detained and tortured, I complained that I was being tortured by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists and people laughed at me or ignored me (or robbed or assaulted me), now you have Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists torturing people to death and you still ignore it. And you reserve seats in medical schools for these foreign pagans and train them to practice their “arts” here (it isn’t science), mainly against the white Spirit-filled Christians who dare to raise their voices against the churches who teach people to honor the pagan fertility rites, some of whom tried to warn you of the cannibals running your institutions and among you. Anyway, those who are rotting from the jabs that their priests and ministers urged them to take, are looking forward to the coming winter festival so they may tithe yet more funds to their executioners. Well good for you, I sure hope you win!!!

In the news (not the mainstream news) in July 2022 an American judge imposed a lesser sentence for an MS-13 gang member who murdered an American, so that he would be allowed to stay in the United States after his sentence is served. Justin Trudeau paid out millions of dollars to a 14-year-old girl that he raped, in order to insure her silence (this latter news has been circulating on the internet for months).

In the mainstream news on July 21st 2022, Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the Sikh truck driver who in 2018 plowed into a busload of Catholic hockey players, killing 16 and injuring 13, was later sentence to 8 years (224 days per death) in prison and has now been granted parole (that was quick). The Catholic family members of the killed and injured are upset that Sidhu is now a free man. The Catholics engage in a pagan fertility rite when they turn trees into decorated idols, and here they lost their children to a Sikh, a member of an alternative fertility cult. The message being sent out by the legal system is that your European lives have little value. Those family members who are upset with this turn of events can seek “treatment” from Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists (who were trained at western universities), who will likely tell them that they think too much about children, Sikhs and trucks. Sidhu never received psychiatric torture as a reward for plowing into the busload of hockey players, it is I who received years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture after daring to speak out against your churches for pushing Catholic fertility rites and for censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, which people then laugh about and assault me further. The Sikh truck drivers that are caught transporting drugs into Canada similarly do not face years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture for their crimes, are instead given a slap on the wrist and are allowed to purchase farm land and mansions. So post some more photos of your children whoreshipping trees on social media (the witches shop for your children on social media, they place an order, the child is abducted, delivered, raped, tortured, killed, cooked and eaten, often eaten without being cooked), and consider importing Sikhs who drive a little better. The situation is simply absolutely hilarious. Just as you people are utterly compassionless to me and to other victims of psychiatric horror, just as you people think that me being tortured by primarily Hindu psychiatrists is hilarious, I think that the deaths of your children is equally hilarious (Proverbs 1:26).

Also in the July 2022 news, the Saskatchewan provincial government expects to receive 13,000 doses of poison and will use this crap to inject into and sicken, sterilize and kill children aged six months to five years old. In other news (not the mainstream news) there is a shortage of children’s caskets, children in North America are now dying at such an elevated rate that the industry is unable to make and ship the caskets quick enough. The provincial Saskatchewan Party is in bed with the federal Liberal Party, together they are working hard to replace the red (aboriginal) and white (European) people, in part so they do not have to pay wages to women, and so they may steal the pensions from the seniors that they murder. Our Islamic and satanic rulers hate women so much that they would rather ram their penises up each other’s arseholes than have sexual relations with real women.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the co-opted western governments are implementing assorted measures to bankrupt farmers, so they leave and the land be used to house Islamists, and so their citizens starve and are replaced with Islamists. Shutting down oil extraction, oil pipelines and oil refineries is making it difficult for the farmers to obtain fuels and fertilizers so they can continue growing food for the population. The governments claims that it desires to replace oil with green energy (wind and solar) for the sake of the planet, but wind and solar will result in Europeans (people living in Europe and North America) to freeze to death in the winter, and is inadequate to operate farm machinery. While the western nations shut down their economies with the bogus covid measures and by lack of oil, the Chinese are using fossil fuels in record amounts in order to grow their military to record size and power. An estimated 82% of the Canadians and Americans took the death jabs, are either dead or perishing, while Islamists and other African and Asian and Latin American “immigrants” are not required to take the jabs. I tried to warn people in 1988 that the witches were running the show, eating your children and implementing measures to destroy the world, was rewarded with years of brutal horrid torture by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists that many of you continue to think as being funny.

In the news (not the mainstream news) we learn that a “quarantine” locks down sick people, while “tyranny” locks down all people. While the people were locked down and told to have themselves injected with snake venom and other toxins, those who rule over you worked overtime to install 5G towers, many of which were erected close to schools. The 5G towers utilize AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically target those people who indicated right-wing views (anti-Catholic, anti-Islamic and anti-immigration views) on social media and blasts them with microwave radiation when they wander near, in an effort to cause cellular damage, cancer and death. The 5G antennas are highly directional, are a weapon system designed to kill those people who they failed to murder with the toxic jabs and other bad medicine. And in the not the mainstream news, Biden (Obama tells Biden what to do and say, while Satan instructs Obama) is weaponizing government organizations that have no business to be acting in a military role, and will now seek out American patriots and have them arrested for daring to hold views that are supported by the Constitution of The United States of America.

People don’t care, just like they don’t care that some people were stripped of their rights and brutally tortured at their local universities, all they really care about is turning trees into decorated idols and singing Jingle Bells. You adopt Catholic fertility rites then you lose your fertility to toxic jabs and microwave radiation, and still you laugh and sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. Years of brutal horrid torture after criticizing your pagan fertility rituals, people thought it funny and assaulted me further, the jabs and the 5G microwaves are a just reward. After the Islamists take over the western nations, then the 5G microwaves will be turned off, I predict.

In the news (not the mainstream news) toxins from 36 (6x6) different shellfish and venomous snakes have been found in the people who took the bullshit Covid Islamic death jabs. The respiratory illness people are suffering from is not due to a virus but from the microwaves and also from the venom and other toxins in the jabs. A reminder that the churches displayed the behavior and taught you to turn trees into decorated fertility idols, then later these same churches urged the sheep to take a jab that removed their fertility and their lives. I think that the Catholic Church pulls most of the strings and implements policies that are beneficial to Islam, other people blame the Jews, some blame white people. I think that Charles is the Anti-Christ (he has been using his fabulous wealth to build mosques around the world and assist Islam in a variety of other ways, for decades), other people claim the Anti-Christ is any one of a number of other people. Whatever. The issue to me is that psychiatry is absolutely brutal, and that no matter how much any of the victims of psychiatric horror complain of the psychiatric drugs and psychiatric profession, people don’t care and continue to allow their universities to reserve seats for Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists, and many of those seats are reserved in medical schools where these pagans are taught psychiatry, and who are then allowed to practice this brutality in Canada without them even being Canadian citizens. I complained I was being tortured by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists and people laughed at me (and assaulted me further), and now allow their universities to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become psychiatrists, and now you allow these pagans to “work” (torture Canadians to death) in Canada without them even being Canadian citizens. After criticizing the pagan practices taught by the churches (and criticizing their censorship of Scriptural references to cannibalism) I lost year after year of my life to brutal horrid torture, and all people could do is laugh and continue to fly to tropical resorts and post pictures on Facebook (where the witches shopped for your children and placed orders) of themselves and their children posing beside the decorated idols there. Then Trudeau (an Islamist) interrupted your festivities and demanded you take the death jab if you wanted to work, go to school, or go to a bar, or if you wanted to celebrate your pagan holiday in the tropics. People have so little compassion for me or for any other victims of psychiatric horror that they can’t even offer to buy any one of us a measly cookie, yet will continue to tithe to the cannibals running the churches, to those people that taught them to destroy their lives with jabs and their souls with fertility idols.

In the news (not the mainstream news) over 96% of the Australian population has been “vaccinated” (given the kill shot) and has set a new record for “covid” (kill shot) deaths. I guess the Chinese are poised to complete the transition, and they will be competing with Indonesia (competing with Islamists) for the continent. This is what happens to a nation that gives up its guns. Also this is what happens to a nation that turns its back on their Papuan allies and allows them to be invaded (genocided) by Indonesia with Chinese assistance. The Australians will want to flee to Canada, where they will continue with their Catholic fertility tree rituals, and will join the Canadians in laughing at the victims of psychiatric horror (they appear to be in pain and they shuffle their feet rather than walk, these are people who rarely ever smile). Anybody criticizing your blinkin’ trees deserves years of brutal psychiatric horror and deserves to be laughed at and assaulted further, especially if they are shuffling their feet and appear to be in pain.

Australians employ thousands of Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists, and psychiatric horror is not an issue to them. They are just as compassionless and ignorant as the Canadians are, and Canada is simply not in need of a great influx of additional compassionless and ignorant Catholics. The Americans take the cake, there were reports of soldiers being tortured in psychiatric facilities for decades and the so-called “patriots” allow it to slide, then, like everybody else, allows the government to reserves seats in medical schools to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists, who then “work” in American hospitals. The psychiatric drugs are exceedingly brutal, most people die from these drugs, some kill themselves to avoid additional horror, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, nor political parties in other countries address the issue because they benefit when they prevent people from inappropriately squeaking. You folks laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror, or ignore them, then allow an influx of Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists and train them at your universities to become brutal psychiatrists. And Trudeau allows them to “work” in Canada without them being Canadian citizens. So you continue tithing to the churches that teach you to turn trees into decorated idols, and they use that money to buy courts (and judges), schools (and pedophiles), hospitals (executioners), governments (traitors) and to train the Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists. The priests and ministers taught the sheep to turn trees into decorated idols and then they parroted their very own politicians and media and told their sheep to take a poison death jab. And as they twitch, convulse and necrotize from the toxins, their greatest desire is to attend church this winter and see the trees that blink.

You now have learned to hate Disneyland for the perverts there and for the perversions they teach, but you still love Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck because they pose beside the idols, which you love more than God’s Word. The reason Americans either voted for Obama or tolerated his presidency (past and current) is because he decorated and he posed next to your beloved trees. Anybody displaying the appropriate behavior is rewarded. Now the American patriots are waiting for Christmas 2022 so they can pose beside the many decorated idols in their communities, or will fly to distant tropical resorts and pose with the idols there. You will post pictures of your children posing with the blinkin’ trees on Facebook where the witches shop for their next meal.

Americans will vote for Republican politicians who pose for photographs beside the blinkin’ Catholic idols, for it is tradition. Likely the American Republican politicians will pose with the Catholic evergreen tree idols and not address the issue of psychiatry. If the patriots in Canada and the USA raid the hospitals and destroy the psychiatric and other deadly drugs, occupy the airports and seaports and appoint mayors and police chiefs and police officers and teachers who uphold basic human rights in Canada, or who uphold the Constitution of the United States in America, and deport the invaders, the result would likely be civil war and the Moslems who had not been detained and deported will be exploding bombs, while Charles will come with his United Nations army, while the patriots would lose the battle as they only annually enrage God when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols. You really should not allow Islamists near your food, water and medical supplies (trucking, processing, storing, preparing, serving, administering) and stop turning trees into idols… just a gentle suggestion to those who have ears.

These recent immigrants dream of becoming union members and then working for high wages as janitors or food service providers in the psychiatric facilities and in other hospital wings. Some will become aids and assist in the sterilization of your children, again for the high union wages. Deport them, we have Treaties between the Red Aboriginals and White Europeans in Canada that do not give either of us permission to import Africans, Asians and Latin Americans. All the Latin Americans, Islamists, the Hindus and the Sikh appeasers have to go, leave Canada, either cross the border to USA or be deported to Africa, Asia, the Middle East or to Latin America.

In the news (not the mainstream news), Trudeau is handing over many millions of dollars to Islamic organizations. The Bank of Canada prints “money” out of thin air, then the government of Canada borrows this “money” and makes Canadians pay compound interest on the unnecessary debt (nations have the right to coin their own debt-free currency). Canadians are borrowing bogus “money”, then giving it to Islamists, then paying compound interest on the unnecessary debt. While this is goink on, Canadians are being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities, and universities are training Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists, who are then allowed to “work” (torture white Canadians to death) without they themselves being Canadian citizens. The NDP came to power provincially in Saskatchewan and their first act of legislation was to remove more rights from the psychiatric abuse victims, then the Saskatchewan Party was elected and kept the NDP’s abusive legislation on the books. And people laugh and sing Jingle Bells (engage in fertility tree whoreship) and continue to support these political parties.

“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.” - James Madison
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