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Mar 10, 2016, 6:58:59 AM3/10/16
to camunda BPM users

Hi everyone,


we are currently modeling the workflow of our new project. Most parts of this workflow consist of normal "user tasks". However, for one of these"user tasks" there is the following requirement and we are not sure how to handle this:


When the process instance waits at the user task "Konzeption", the assignee can

1. complete this task or

2. create tasks for his/her colleagues. In this case these tasks have to be completed before the user task "Konzeption" ist allowed to complete.


Our solution: When the process instance stays at the user task "Konzeption", we start parallel instances of a subprocess. We use a "non intermediary signal" in order to start this subprocess. Each of these tasks must be completed before the task "Konzeption" is allowed to complete. As long as this is not the case yet, the assignee is allowed to create additional tasks for the colleagues.   


In "camunda modeler" we used a parallel multi instance subprocess. However, you have to set the "loop cardinality" or "collection" (we set loop cardinality: 1). In order to ensure that additional tasks can be created later, we created an "event subprocess" inside the subprocess. For the first task we fire the non interrupting signal ("signal konzeption") and for all other tasks we fire the non interrupted signal inside the embedded process ("signal embedded").


One last point: In order to prevent the task "Konzeption" to complete (in case that uncompleted tasks exist inside the subprocess), we must hide the complete button in the gui.

Do you have a good idea how to realise this? Maybe there is an easier or more elegant way in order to model/implement this requirement?


many thanks and greetings!


Daniel Meyer

Mar 10, 2016, 11:50:50 AM3/10/16
to camunda-...@googlegroups.com
Dear Ali,

thank you for contributing to the Camunda discussion group. We have recently moved to a new discussion platform hosted at https://forum.camunda.org/

It would be great if you could ask the same question there.

More information on why we moved to the new platform can be found here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/camunda-bpm-users/W5aBtvtyCj0

Thank you for your understanding,
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