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Avadhut Karambelkar


From: Karambelkar, Avadhut
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I was going through the details about this tool , wanted to have some details around it:


1.       What added advantage comes with Camunda than other BPMN tools like JBPM.

2.       While modelling the process, does Camunda generates its code automatically, or entire process needs to be coded manually?

3.       When I see tool, it looks like more of a modeler, so is there a scope of Camunda to automate the process, would like to know whether all the notations can be automated in Camunda or do we have any restrictions.





Avadhut Karambelkar


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Mar 7, 2016, 6:50:02 AM3/7/16
to camunda BPM users,,,

1: As a Camunda deveoper I do not knwo jBPM well enough and my answer would probably be biased.
2: You need to write the code yourself that performs the business logic in your processes. Not too much on top of that.
3: The purpose of Camunda BPM is to automate business processes. There is extensive documentation at

To get started, you may find the examples interesting:

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