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May 10, 2009, 7:14:15 AM5/10/09
to Camara
Hi all,

I am in the process of writing a book "Computer Science in a
Nutshell", and thought it may be of interest to Camara. Having
contacted various publishers such as Pearson's, but their policies
aren't too appealing when it comes to charity work. Therefore I
decided to take things a step further and publish the book as open

Since I've been in touch with some Camara members, I thought it may be
of interest to get copies printed (cheaply) for use in your centers in
Africa / publishing the book on your site.

So far, this is still a concept though. I am only half way through
writing the book (around 130 pages done), and posted just to receive
some feedback, and see whether people are interested / if it is of any
use to Camara. If you want two or three sample chapters, let me know.

Should this book completely miss the goals of Camara, then apologies
in advance for spamming the board with the book details ( see
below) :-)

Book Details:

“Computer Science in a Nutshell” is a book for both undergraduate
students and enthusiastic hobbyists seeking a deeper understanding of
information technology.
The book will provide the reader with knowledge equivalent to that of
a first/second year computer science student.

“Computer Science in a Nutshell” encompasses the history of
information technology, the underlying hardware of modern computers,
the formation and analysis of algorithms, their translation and
execution as well as essential development principles through to their
aggregation into complex systems such as computer networks. The book
finalizes with a view on the psychological/sociological impact of
technology and expected future developments.

Each chapter is presented in a straightforward fashion by first
discussing the topic's historical foundation and then elaborating on
its functioning and real world application.

Manuscript Details
The book will contain 12 chapters, with approximately 300 pages. Each
chapter should take approximately two to three weeks to write, so the
book should take 5 months to complete.

List of chapter titles:
2.Logic and Binary Mathematics
3.Hardware Fundamentals
6.Data Structures and Databases
7.Operating Systems Architecture
10.Artificial Intelligence
11.Psychological and Socialogical Impact
12.The Future

Benjamin Jakobus is the Chief Executive Officer of TenBeeWare L.t.d,
an undergraduate Computer Science student at the University College
Cork and a former software developer at the Cork Constraint
Computation Centre (4C).
Benjamin began work on smaller software projects from the age of 13
and became an All-Ireland-Programming Competition finalist at the age
of 15. At 16, he was hired by the Cork Constraint Computation Centre,
the world’s leading and largest research laboratory in its domain.
Since then he worked on numerous artifical intelligence projects,
including the EU funded CREEDS (Constraint Reasoning Extended to
Enhance Decision Support) project. Benjamin contributed to “Debugging
Constraint Models with Metamodels and Metaknowledge” and co-authored
"PEST: A content-coherence-based recommender"

He is the CTO of HumanRightsDefence.

Rory McCann

May 12, 2009, 5:56:18 AM5/12/09
to, Camara
Interesting... As an aside, if publishers aren't interested, do know
know about print on demand services such as


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Benjamin Jakobus

May 12, 2009, 7:27:19 AM5/12/09
to Rory McCann, Camara
I wasn't aware of that! Lulu seems to be exactly what I'm looking for :-) -- Being able to print and still release the book as open source. Thanks!

I'll keep posting as the book progresses. :)

2009/5/12 Rory McCann <>
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