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Raj Malabar recommendation

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Guy Snape

Mar 17, 2008, 9:11:14 AM3/17/08
We ate at the Raj Malabar on Castle Hill on Saturday night, and I can
thoroughly recommend it. The food is South Indian/Kerala rather than the
Bengali food of most Indian type restaurants in Cambridge, and the
difference is very noticeable - more coconut, less ghee and gloopy
sauce. I tried too many dishes to remember everything, but all the
savoury things were delicious. I didn't like the puddings - I had the
ada pradhaman which is made from rice pasta and coconut milk, and just
tasted like incredibly sweet cold pasta. Nobody else liked it either,
but two people liked the gulabjamun (fried dumpling) although that was
also much too sweet for me.

You can peruse the menu at

The service was good and the staff were friendly - I was surprised that
there was hardly anyone else in. I think the other people were all
friends of the staff. So, please give it a go to make sure it doesn't
close from lack of business. Just be prepared for the bright orange walls.

- guy

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