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Dianne Millen

Jan 27, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/27/97

Imminently homeless graduate seeks safe place in which to give birth to
thesis from Feb 1st onward. I'd like to live close enough to my boathouse
to get that vital extra ten minutes' sleep in the morning, and I have no
furniture besides a chipboard occasional table and a set of bookshelves
(sigh). I can pay anything up to and including L60 a week excl.

I'm tidy, neat, clean, a non-smoker, and a good cook. I come equipped
with an occasional partner (sort of like the table, except he's not
painted blue) so if that's going to annoy you, don't mail me (cue
horror stories about being kicked out of previous houses for daring to
have a sex life).

If you're non-homophobic, easy-going and have any space whatsoever to
rent to my poor despairing self, then email dia...@bi.org.

For further information about me see

Dianne Millen

New hair colour, new email address...same old opinions

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