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Football, morality, reality, and fatherhood

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Steven Myers

Sep 19, 2004, 11:19:27 AM9/19/04
My son really loves to play football, and he likes me to attend his games.
This past Friday, I took the camcorder along and got some footage.
In real time, this play looks like nothing but an unremarkable no-gain
In slow motion, you can see my son (# 56, red dot on his ass) fire out,
engage the two guys assigned to block him, on second effort separate them,
move between them, grab the quarterback, swing him around and slam him into
the ground.
I told my son I knew he had no vicious intent, that things were happening
fast and that's just how the play went down. I also told him that, with the
notoriously flag-happy refs around here, he shouldn't be surprised if he
someday gets an unnecessary roughness call for an identical move. I trust
his heart, and he has zero history of malicious behavior, so I didn't hammer
on it. Still, he has been dominant so far this season, and he will be
noticed (and therefore watched). I'll shut up and see what happens.
This play was in the first quarter. The quarterback did not return to the
game. The newspaper says now that his injury was nothing more than bruised
ribs. Everyone is happy about that.

It sure is interesting to have children. I love to look at mine.


Sep 19, 2004, 4:33:11 PM9/19/04
Good stuff.... Give him his rein and let him fly.... his Coach is also
watching, so You can relax a bit.
Football, like military operations, requires one to do whatever it takes to

We parents can't protect our kids forever, much as we might wish we could.
Let him know how proud you are of him.... after all, he Could have chosen to
be a Bull Rider...!! I see those young men engage in the most dangerous 8
seconds in organized sport.... where the Bulls win more than half the
time.... and nobody's paying the medical bills after you have been stomped
on and "out for 7 months getting healed". No insurance... no medical plans..
just a million to two million bucks extra if you win the PBR finals in Las
Vegas in October.
See "Outdoor Life Network, OLN, on your cable channel Saturday and Sunday


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Sep 20, 2004, 11:29:18 AM9/20/04
Nice play Steven!!!
He was doing his job very very well.
My 49ers could use em'

And in no way was that even close to being a personal foul<G>


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Nathan West

Sep 20, 2004, 2:30:52 PM9/20/04
Steven Myers wrote:

> My son really loves to play football

He certainly looks motivated! Great effort on his part.

> It sure is interesting to have children. I love to look at mine.

I'm just learning all about that. BTW what is on his Right Ankle? Is that a


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