How I'm voting on State Propositions, Nov 2020

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Jeff Hobson

Oct 2, 2020, 11:00:50 AM10/2/20
Dear fellow voters, 
I've published the second in my series of posts about this November's election -- this one has my positions on the state propositions. Check it out at

Here's the super-brief summary in this email -- for details see the Nov 2020 State Propositions post. 

14: No: Health Care & Schools are Better Uses of State Tax $$ than Medical Research
15: YES YES YES for Schools + Communities First
16: YES YES YES to Support Racial and Gender Equality
17: YES YES YES to restore voting rights to people on parole
18: YES to Allow Some 17 year-olds to Vote in Primaries
19: NO NO NO to a Cynical Ploy to Reinforce Racial + Wealth Inequities in Property Taxes
20: NO NO NO - Don’t Reimpose Harsh Sentencing that Creates Overcrowded Prisons
21: YES to allow CA Cities to Use Rent Control
22: NO NO NO - don’t let Uber+Lyft be exempt from labor law and subvert democracy
23: NO, cuz OMFG why are we voting on Dialysis rules again?
24: NO to revising Consumer Privacy Protections
25: YES to Confirm Law Eliminating Cash Bail … and then fix the alternative

My recommendations for candidates and local ballot measures are coming later. As usual, informed and thoughtful opinions are welcome!

Please feel free to forward this widely, encourage people to visit the blog and sign up for this email list. If you have feedback, please comment on the blog -- I'll answer blog comments before I answer individual emails. As usual, all views in this email and on the blog are entirely my own and are not those of my workplace or any organization I'm involved in. 

-- Jeff

PS -- If you got this forwarded to you and you'd like to get it directly in the future, please point your browser to and put your email address into the "Google groups" box in the upper left. 

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