Jeff's election recommendations, November 2014

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Jeff Hobson

Nov 1, 2014, 8:28:04 PM11/1/14
to Jeff Hobson's Election Recommendations
Dear fellow voters,

I finished my writeups for this November's election. Check it out at

If you just want the crib sheet to take with you to the polls, you can print out this email, a copy of the summary I've been updating for the past couple weeks. 

Please feel free to forward this widely, encourage people to visit the blog and sign up for this email list. If you have feedback, please comment on the blog -- that's easier than lots of emails. All views in this email and on the blog are entirely my own and are not those of my workplace or any organization I'm involved in. 

Go out and vote!

-- Jeff

PS -- If you got this forwarded to you and you'd like to get it directly in the future, please point your browser to and put your email address into the "Google groups" box in the upper left. 


November 2014 recommendations
The whole list goes roughly from the bottom of your ballot to the top (races in italics are the ones I haven't settled on yet -- but I plan to!). If there's a race missing that you want more info on, post a comment!!

Berkeley Measures + Offices:

Oakland Measures + Offices: I put these all together in one big Oakland post.

  • CC: Yes to Strengthen the Ethics Commission. 
  • DD: Yes to Create an Independent Redistricting Commission. 
  • EE: Yes for a technical fix on pension administration. 
  • FF: YES YES YES to Lift Up Oakland
  • N: YES for High Schools parcel tax
  • Z: YES to continue Violence Prevention/Police tax
  • Oakland Mayor - #1 Schaaf, #2 Quan, #3 ... blank or Siegel
  • Auditor: Brenda Roberts. 
  • City Council District 2: Abel Guillen. 
  • Districts 4+6 - no endorsement.

Alameda County + Special District Measures + Offices

State Propositions:

  • 1: Torn between Yes vs. No, with conflicting input from people I trust ($7.5 billion water bond) -- see long writeup.
  • 2: YES for a reasonable rainy day fund.
  • 45: Yes to Regulate Health Insurance Rates
  • 46: No on Drug-Testing of Doctors, Medical Malpractice, + Prescription Database
  • 47: YES YES YES for Sensible Criminal Justice Reform
  • 48: Yes on Indian Gaming Compacts

Nonpartisan Offices

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson, who has done a fine jobOpponent Marshall Tuck is too much of an enthusiast for charter schools and too-much testing.
  • County Superintendent of Schools: not researched yet, but friends seem to all support Karen Monroe. 


  • I don't know any reason not to vote for any of these judges. And in the absence of any significant campaign against any one of them, they're going to be re-elected. If you know something about any one of them, let me know. 

State (+ Federal) Offices

  • For almost all the state offices -- Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, & Member State Board of Equalization 2nd District -- I'm voting the Democratic ticket. I like some of them, don't know so much others. 
State Assembly:
  • D-15: slight edge to Tony Thurmond over Elizabeth Echols, although I'd be delighted with either of them as my representative.See long writeup
  • D-16: Tim SbrantiGreat guy, effective leader, teacher, and someone I've grown to respect through my work life for the past several years. I'm sad we're losing him as a councilmember from Dublin.
  • D-18: Rob Bontaa helpful and effective leader from Alameda, who I met through the 2011-2012 Measure BB negotiations. And an incumbent Democrat, so I presume he'll win easily. 
  • D-20: Bill Quirk. Intelligent leader from Hayward. And an incumbent Democrat, so I presume he'll win easily. 
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