No on 8: Don't take away my sister's rights

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Jeff Hobson

Oct 16, 2008, 1:31:26 AM10/16/08
Here's the most recent thing I wrote on my election picks blog. I
won't pepper you with too many of these by email, but this is one I
feel passionate about, because this is an attack on my family. I'm
posting my thoughts on this and other propositions as I write them, at


NO on 8: Don't take away my sister's rights

I love Kim. We're married. My sister Emily loves Felicia. They're married.

Prop 8 would take away the rights of same-sex couples, such as my
sister and new sister-in-law, to get married. But it would leave me,
and other opposite-sex couples, with my rights. That is just plain not

Prop 8's proponents have recently been filling the airwaves with false
ads. Don't be fooled. The spring court decision recognizing the right
to marriage has no affect on teaching children in our schools and will
not affect our religions or religious institutions in any way.

California law specifically says that no child can be forced to be
taught anything about health and family issues at school. And the
spring court decision specifically said that "no religion will be
required to change its religious policies or practices with regard to
same-sex couples." For details, see a Sacramento Bee piece or
rebuttals from the No on 8 campaign.
[ AND]

But Prop 8 would hurt families. Both of my sons have playmates who
have two moms or two dads. Those families deserve the same rights my
family has.

No one can tell you which church to attend, or what you can and cannot
say. And no one should be able to tell you whom you can marry.

My wife and I got married to make a lifetime commitment to each other.
And marriage gives us the right and responsibility for crucial medical
decisions in an emergency. Please do not deny my sister that same
security, dignity and respect.

Please join me in voting No on Prop 8 -- it's about fairness.

Please help defeat Prop 8 []. You can:

- buy a button, hat, or bumper sticker (my kids put buttons on their
backpacks) []
- donate (have you heard how much money out-of-state right-wingers are
throwing at this election!) []
- volunteer for the campaign (Kim and I will be phone banking at an
office near us next week - you can too!)
- spread the word: email your friends and family, write a newsletter
article, or letter to the editor

Thank you,
Jeff Hobson

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