How I'm voting on state propositions -- part 1 of Jeff's voter guide

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Jeff's Election Picks

Oct 15, 2016, 12:44:03 AM10/15/16
Dear fellow voters,

I've done the first part of my election recommendations -- how I'm voting on the state propositions. Check it out at

If you just want the Yes/No summary, see the next section. For details on why, read the whole "November 2016 Propositions" blog post. For more about my list, see below.  


How I'm voting on the November 2016 State propositions

Lots of propositions, lots of decisions. Here are my choices for the state propositions: details are in the many pages below the jump. I’ll write up local measures and candidates in a separate post.
51: YES for K-12 & Community College facilities 52: Leaning YES to Use Hospital Fees to get Federal Funds for Medi-Cal -- Comments welcome! 53: NO NO to Statewide votes on local projects 54: NO to Over-Complicated Prescription of Legislative Operations 55: YES YES to have the 1.5% pay for for Schools & Healthcare 56: YES YES for Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare and Tobacco Use Prevention. 57: YES YES for Criminal Justice Reform 58: YES YES to Allow Bilingual Education 59: YES to Clarify that Corporations are not Human Beings 60: NO to a Badly-written measure about condoms in porn films 61: Leaning YES to Reduce Costs of Drugs - Comments Welcome 62: YES YES, a million times YES to Repeal the Death Penalty 63: YES to prohibit possession of large capacity ammunition magazines 64: YES on Marijuana Legalization 65: Leaning NO on Deceptive Plastic Bags Measure 66: NO NO NO - Don’t make it easier to impose death sentences 67: YES to Confirm Legislature’s Ban on Single-use Bags


Now I'll shift gears to the local level and write up my thoughts on local measures and candidates. If there's a race you particularly want input on, or have strong input for, let me know! 

Please feel free to forward this widely, encourage people to visit the blog and sign up for this email list. If you have feedback, please comment on the blog -- I'll answer blog comments before I answer individual emails. 

As always, all views in this email and on the blog are entirely my own and are not those of my workplace or any organization I'm involved in. 

-- Jeff

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