Getting Calls in CADpage But also in SMS client as well

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Apr 4, 2014, 11:36:25 AM4/4/14
Ok, so I just switched phones from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  I'm trying to set up CADpage on my New Phone
I have been getting calls from both my fire department (South Line Vol. Fire Co.) in Cheektowaga, NY which is in Erie County, as well as my employer (Twin City Ambulance) which is in both Erie and Niagara Counties.
I have the calls coming through to CADpage, but they are also being published to my SMS Client at the same time.  how can I correct this?

Phill Osieja

Ken Corbin

Apr 4, 2014, 12:11:05 PM4/4/14
Hi Phill,

Unfortunately, that is the way things are going to be under Android 4.4.

Prior to Android 4.4, apps have the ability to register for SMS messages
at a higher than normal priority. This lets them get a first look at
SMS pages and, if it turns out to be something they need to process,
block those messages from appearing in the default messaging app.
Cadpage has made use of this capability, as have a number of security
and theft prevention apps.

Unfortunately, a number of third party messaging apps, Handcent and Go
SMS in particular, have misused this feature to grab the highest
possibly priority slot, intercept all text messages, and block them from
being received by competing messaging apps. This has been a major
problem for Cadpage, and other messaging app developers which have been
pretty much forced to adopt the same practice in self defense. The most
recent version of Google Hangouts has started doing this as well.

In Android 4.4, the rules all change to eliminate this nonsense. The
user gets to specify one default messaging app, that app always gets the
text pages, and only that app has access to the message database and
only that app can send SMS messages. Other apps, such as Cadpage, can
continue to receive SMS messages, but will no longer be able to block
them from going to any other apps.

The good news is that Cadpage will continue to function under Android
4.4. And rogue messaging apps will no longer be able to block text
messages from getting to Cadpage. The bad news is that we will no
longer be able to block dispatch pages from appearing in your default
message inbox. The best you can do is use a blacklisting or spam
blocking feature in the default message app to prevent dispatch pages
from appearing there.

The only other alternative is to switch to a message service like or that can push direct pages to
Cadpage. Since these do not rely on text messages, they are unaffected
by the changes at Android 4.4.

Take care,

Phillip Osieja

Apr 4, 2014, 12:16:28 PM4/4/14

Thanks for the response Ken.  Do you know if I activate the blacklist/spam blocking, will that prevent CADPAGE from receiving the information?

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Ken Corbin

Apr 4, 2014, 12:22:42 PM4/4/14
Hi Phillip,

That depends....

As long as you are playing with the messaging app
blocking/spam/blacklist features, they will have no effect on what gets
to Cadpage. The whole point of the the 4.4 changes was to prevent one
malicious app from blocking messages from getting to another app. In
this case, that works in our favor.

But you mess with the Blocking mode in the Android System settings, all
bets are off. We usually recommend that you leave that disabled. Those
settings can keep alerts from getting to Cadpage.

Good luck,

Jun 18, 2014, 12:23:00 PM6/18/14

I have been successful in using handcent to black list the conversations so they do not appear. Also there is an option to filter those messages from a handcent filter those messages will show up as read. So they will be in your conversation thread but will not show notifications.

Hope this helps.

Oct 2, 2014, 12:16:23 PM10/2/14
phillip can you tell me how to get ahold of someone at cadpage please the email address on there web site dont work

Ken Corbin

Oct 2, 2014, 2:10:04 PM10/2/14
Hi there,

Which email address were you using? You have to change <at> to @ of
course, otherwise it seems to work OK.

But if you have Cadpage installed on your phone, using the Email the
Developer setting is the preferred way to contact us. That includes a
lot of useful information about your current Cadpage configuration.

Answering the original question...

That is a "feature" of the new Android 4.4 system. There are some good
reasons why Google made that change, but the bottom line is, Cadpage can
no longer block dispatch text alerts from showing up in your message inbox.

If you are a paid subscriber, you can try our new Cadpage paging
service. This will assign you a personal dispatch email address. If
you can have your dispatch alerts sent to this email address, they will
be pushed to your phone through the mobile data network. No text
messaging is involved, so there is no problem with the text alerts
showing up in our message app inbox.

To start the paging service, open Cadpage Settings and select:
Direct Paging Venders > Cadpage Paging Service > Register

You should shortly receive a registration confirmation popup that will
display your dispatch email address. From there you will have the option
to generate an email requesting that your dispatch alerts be sent to
this address. Then fill in the address of your department IT person and
send it.

Another alternative would be to use the spam blocking or blacklisting
features of your message app to block messages sent from dispatch.

In the long run, there is an open enhancement request
asking Google to restore third party message blocking functionality in
some future version of Android. Feel free to register your opinion there.

Take care,
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