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Lickspittle Trump Propagandist Sean Hannity

Jan 9, 2021, 4:55:02 PM1/9/21
Kamala Harris Got Her Start Through Her Affair With Willie Brown

We now have the prospect of electing a woman president of the
United States whose political career was powered at its launch
by a sexual affair with a top political boss.

Would Sen. Kamala Harris have made it in politics without the
patronage of her lover former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown?
It's a question her sudden rise to prominence begs us to ask.

Harris had a publicly acknowledged affair with Willie Brown —
the legendary boss of San Francisco — in the early 1990s while
Willie Brown was the speaker of the California State Assembly.
During their romance, he appointed her to the California
Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and also to the Medical
Assistance Commission. Both of these well-paid positions
supplemented Harris' income as a deputy district attorney in
Alameda County, California.

But Willie Brown's influence was on full display in 2003 when
Harris left her job in the office of San Francisco District
Attorney Terence Hallinan, after two years, to run against her
boss. In a tough election — with Willie Brown's help — she beat

Hallinan made an issue of Harris' relationship with Willie
Brown, painting her as "indebted to her onetime boyfriend and
political sponsor, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown."

Willie Brown, for his part, confirmed his influence in his
protege's career. "Yes, I may have influenced her career by
appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly
speaker," Willie Brown wrote in a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed.
"I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in
San Francisco."

Defending himself against the charge that he was bestowing
favors on a former lover, Willie Brown noted that he has "also
helped the careers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Gavin
Newsom, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other politicians."

He helps all the girls.

Would an assistant of the district attorney have stood much of a
chance pitted against a two-term incumbent who happened to be
her boss without the fundraising momentum and endorsement of
Willie Brown?

Once elected district attorney, Harris was off, capitalizing on
her exposure in San Francisco to get elected attorney general of
California in a tough race in 2010 — again with fundraising
assistance from Willie Brown's organization.

There is nothing unprecedented, God knows, in a political boss
helping an aspiring politician on the way up. Harry Truman would
never have made it without the help of boss Tom Pendergast of
Kansas City. But with the advent of female candidates, we now
have the additional factor to consider of whether sexual
intimacy was a basis for the relationship.

Consider the broader circumstances of Harris' rapid rise to
fame. She ran for state attorney general in 2010 as all eyes
were focused on Jerry Brown's return to the governorship. Facing
wealthy and powerful Republican Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown was
decisively elected.

Less noticed was Harris' squeaker victory as attorney general.
So close was the contest that Cooley did not concede until the
next day.

After a pro forma re-election in 2014, Harris ran for Senate in
2016 — this time, under the new rules that now govern California
elections. Candidates all run together, and the top two face
each other in a runoff, regardless of party (assuming nobody got
a majority in the first round).

With the Republicans not fielding a serious candidate, the race
featured Harris against Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

With the seat going Democratic anyway, it attracted only local

And so Harris arrived in the Senate. Elected district attorney
as Willie Brown's protege and lover, she was elected attorney
general in a race few noticed in the wake of the big story:
Jerry Brown's defeat of Whitman in that same election. Then, she
won the Senate seat with only nominal GOP opposition against a
weak opponent.

So, really, without scrutiny and never having had a tough
battle, Harris entered the Senate in January 2017 and was
immediately swept up in speculation about a presidential run.

After serving in the Senate for only two years, we are asked to
consider seriously her presidential candidacy and the dubious
circumstances that led to her ascension to high public office.

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