[C320-list] Removing and Replacing Roller Furler

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May 3, 2022, 11:51:23 PM5/3/22
to C320...@catalina320.com
I'm having an issue with the roller furler on my 320. The rivets holding
the joints on the foil are bulging out, and interfere with the upper swivel
when I try to raise or lower the jib. The folks at Schaefer agree that I
need to drill out the old rivets in the joints, and replace them. (Kudos to
Schaefer, when I asked them the size of the rivets, the offered to send me a
set for free!) But I'm not sure exactly how to go about the replacement.
I'm hoping someone on the list has experience to answer my questions.

My first question is, if I have to remove the foil and replace the rivets on
the ground, do I have to remove the entire headstay, or can the foil be slid
off the headstay from the bottom, without removing headstay from the top of
the mast? (I'd use the spinnaker halyard on one of the foredeck cleats to
stabilize the mast while the headstay was disconnected, and use the jib
halyard to lower the top of the foil.)

My next question is, if I have to remove the entire headstay, do I have to
pull the mast, or is it safe to go up to the masthead to release the
headstay from the masthead, with just a halyard replacing the headstay? I'd
love to avoid the expense of having the yard pull the mast, but I'd hate to
have the mast fall when I'm up there.

If anyone has any wisdom to share, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Mark Seyler

S/V Reality,

Catalina 320, #232

New Orleans, LA

Mark Cole

May 4, 2022, 12:31:02 AM5/4/22
to C320...@catalina320.com
Hi, Mark;

Starting with your second question, the riggers that replaced my furler went up the mast with a halyard taking all the load off the forestay. I needed to have my headstay replaced as the furler nicked it when it failed, so I was getting a new forestay anyway. Not sure if the furler foil can be slid off without removing the forestay.

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