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Scott Westwood

Mar 13, 2021, 10:24:29 AMMar 13
to 320
I will be contacting Catalina next week but for now I am asking if anybody knows if the listed gaskets (below) are the right ones?  NOTE that I have already dug out the joints of the outside frame halves (upper/lower).  Don't think the leak is from there.  PO had put silicone on the actual gasket and they are questionable.
My Top cabin "square" Boman hatch (17x17 or 18x18 depending how you measure) is still leaking.  I want to try replacing the gasket before I do something drastic. We have a '98 320.  

HatchGasket Kit - Bomar Low Profile 18-3/16" x 18-3/16"

Part #: Z3532


I also want to replace the opening port gaskets. Forward 2 have very slight leak under certain conditions.  Mine are the twist lock without a metal frame on the "lens".
OpeningPort Gasket Kit
Lewmar "Old Std"

Part #: Z3712



Scott Westwood scottw...@bellsouth.net C (919)- 819-9794

Troy Dunn

Mar 13, 2021, 7:32:09 PMMar 13
to C320...@catalina320.com

Yes that’s is the correct hatch gasket.

I assume you are going to attempt to pull the gasket out from beneath the
acrylic and replace it without reseating the acrylic in Dow 795.

I attempted this with the forward trapezoidal lens but it did not work. I
am thinking that the 795 is literally form fitted to all the little
imperfections in the gasket material and once you move or replace that
gasket it just doesn't work.

I have heard stories of folks getting this to work...but no documented
proof...it’s like a legend that someone actually made it work...possibly
designed to sell more hatch gaskets?

If you decide to reset the lens search for my recent post on that topic.
There is another great post here on the process and I think I reference
that as well.

Good luck. If you get this to work post back with your process and any
tricks to make it work.


Troy Dunn

Dave Hupe

Mar 14, 2021, 4:44:08 PMMar 14
to C320...@catalina320.com
Scott-  For your opening side Lewmar ports, are you sure your leaks are not just because of dried out o-rings on the dog latches Lewmar Drip Stop Port Dog Rebuild Kit (catalinadirect.com)

| |
Lewmar Drip Stop Port Dog Rebuild Kit

Catalina Direct, publishers of the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25 Owner's Handbooks and the largest supplier of par...



This is a very simple thing to do, except for initially digging off the small cap that covers the single mount screw for the dog.  If you caps won't come off easily, I suggest drill a small hole in the center of the cap and thread a screw into the hole so you have something to pull on.  I left these caps off permanently after replacing/greasing my o-rings..
Dave Hupe1994 C320 (#32)

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