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Isaac Ullah

Apr 9, 2019, 5:19:13 PM4/9/19
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This is a list of currently ongoing action items for the C-MAPLE community. It will be updated as things are completed and new things are added. Please leave a comment in this thread if you have a new action item idea or want to take on one of the current action items!

1. Sharing of the transcript of our kick-off meeting as a way to communicate the outcome of our discussion. This document will guide our initial efforts to organized as a community.

> The original transcript will be used as a sort of white paper to help organize the group

2. Development of an easily accessible website platform to place links to model code, links to projects, links to publications, lists of community members, research objectives, and topics for potential collaborations.

> Website draft is complete! Please share the link with your colleagues: www.cmaple.org

> Please contact Isaac I. Ullah or Andreas Angourakis if you would like to request editor access to the C-MAPLE website. This will allow you to upload content directly and to make changes to portions of the site. The site is managed through Google Sites, so you will need to have a Google Account to gain access to these features.

3. A short summary paper distilling the vision for this community and suggesting future research avenues for our topic of modeling agro-pastoral lifeways in Eurasia. This would be a multi-authored paper, aimed at a wide audience. It should be short and to the point. This summary will serve as the initial inspiration, but we can expand the scope. This will likely require several months lead-time, with a goal for a first draft by the end of Summer, 2019 or early 2020.

> Isaac I. Ullah will spearhead, but others may volunteer for leadership roles. Please e-mail Isaac I. Ullah if you want to be involved.

4. Planning for the next meeting of the C-MAPLE community.

> 2019 SAA forum organized by Bulent Arikan.

5. Set up a social media hub or hubs. Facebook group? Twitter handle(s)? This should be linked to the and through the website.

> Coming soon!!

6. Set up an E-mail listserve or discussion group.

> The forum page is now Live!!

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