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Scott Parker K7LU

Apr 11, 2018, 1:24:19 PM4/11/18

Could someone familiar with the current state of the N7BYU installation give the folks at NYU a hand?  

If you have info to share, please reply to Ted directly at  tsrw...@aol.com

Thanks & 73,
Scott    K7LU

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Subject: [PVRC] Urban universities with ham radio towers in tall buildings?
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Dear all:
> NYU Brooklyn has a tall building (17 stories, the MTA building) for our new engineering building, and I am trying to get an amateur radio tower and antenna on top of the building for resurrection of the NYU amateur radio club. The university administration has given us some good shack space a couple of stories below the roof, and has asked me to benchmark what other urban-based universities do for their amateur radio station tower set-ups, and I am hoping to find other urban schools that have ham towers on top of tall buildings.
> Do you have any ideas of urban college ham clubs with towers on top of tall buildings, and points of contacts?
> This is a bit urgent, as the administration is hesitant to implement my proposed tower location (on top of the building) due to lack of precedent and safety reasons,  and there are no alternative sites, and I need to make a case for other urban university installations that the contractor can check with.
> Very grateful if you can send me any known urban-center university ham stations, their tower set up, and a contact person, and please feel free to ask others who might know.
> Thanks,
> Ted Rappaport,
> N9NB
> t...@nyu.edu
> Sent from smartphone, please excuse typos

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Eric Jarvi

Apr 14, 2018, 6:05:48 PM4/14/18
to k7...@arrl.net, Horace Hamby, BYUARC
Although I am currently living in Washington I am very supportive of the BYU club happenings and glad to still be on this email list. 

As it turns out we had some students from the University of Washington go through a license exam session of ours this morning and demo our club station during a satellite pass.  They are doing a similar project to what you are describing for NYU (resurrecting/starting up lab that can be used for ham radio and specifically satellite telemetry). Georgia Tech may also be a good school to consult with as they have a strong club and a repeater antenna located at the top of the one of the tallest buildings in their urban area (I think in that case it is atop the Bank of America building but I could be wrong).   

I do not have their contact information but could look it up, and I am adding a colleague of mine Horace Hamby who may have some of this. 

Eric Jarvi 
BYU Computer Science - Class of Y2K

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