Source of verse -- sarvanase samutpanne

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Damodara Dasa

May 16, 2024, 8:41:46 AMMay 16
to bvparishat
Hare Krishna.

Dear Vidvaj-janas,

This is an often quoted verse, probably a subhasita, among panditas. 

सर्वनाशो समुत्पन्ने अर्धम् त्यजति पण्डितः |
अर्धेन कुरुते कार्यं सर्वनाशो न जायते   |

May I know the source of this verse...

Thank you,
Hari Guru Vaisnava das,
damodara das

Yasoda Jivan dasa

May 17, 2024, 2:21:26 AMMay 17
pranam prabhuji
This verse is from pancatantra 4.28 in  "गङ्गदत्त-प्रियदर्शन-कथा"

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Krishna K

May 17, 2024, 9:44:37 AMMay 17
A search across searchable files provided a variant reading in
Harivamsha (or its variant!):

sarvanAshe samutpanne ardhaM tyajati mAnavaH | *HV_9.96*195:8 |
ardhena kurute kAryam iti paurAtanI shrutiH || *HV_9.96*195:9 |

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Damodara Dasa

May 18, 2024, 2:44:27 AMMay 18
Hare Krishna.

Thank you Krishna ji for this valuable original source from the Harivamsha. 
It seems that these verses are not found in the published edition by Gitapress; these are verses with *.

However, I am not able to locate even the non * verses and the whole way in which references are given is different from Gitapress edition. On gretil, only chapter numbers are given and there are 118 chapters (where you find the above verse in 9th chapter). But there are no kandas --- Gitapress has 3 kandas and the same we find on sa.wikisource rendering. Am I making some mistake in locating these? Or is the version of Harivamsa on Gretil different from the one published by Gitapress?

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