माणवकं धर्मं ब्रूते शास्ति वा

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Mahamaho. Subrahmanyam Korada

May 18, 2024, 2:46:56 AMMay 18
to bvpar...@googlegroups.com
नमो विद्वद्भ्यः

A  गुरु / पिता / माता is preaching  धर्म to a boy -- if at all you want to preserve the सनातनधर्म ,  then you have to sit  with your kids and explain the unique्qualities of वैदिकसंस्कृति in detail .
Here the word माणवक is significant -- once the boy or girl  crosses certain age , say like twelve , and starts mingling with outside children , who for some 
reason or the other , may have been with a different cultural background , then it would become difficult , if not impossible , to put them on the right track .

Today many a boy or girl is highly influenced by the so called 'social media' and is becoming hard to crack . 

There are several reasons for the degeneration of  आर्यधर्म and lack of seriousness and negligence  on the part of earlier generations is one of them .
Why to blame others all the time ?  
If they approach me around sixty or so can I educate them ? That too without the fundamental knowledge of संस्कृतम् ?

Just think -- what all these kids have been doing all the time during summer holidays ? Can't they learn something that is essential for upholding the धर्म  and crafting their future .

Teach them - शब्दमञ्जरी - अमरकोशः - पाणिनिसूत्राणि  -- ज्योतिषम् - ग्रह-नक्षत्र-राशि-महादशासंवत्सर-तिथि-मास-ऋतु-संवत्सर-तारादि । काव्यानि च ।

Let them learn -- गणपतिपूजा - पुण्याहवाचनम् - पुरुषसूक्तम् - श्रीसूक्तम् - रुद्रम् (नमकम् चमकम्) - मन्त्रपुष्पद्वयम् - नीराजनम् etc. with a good वेदपण्डित --- if he is eligible , i e  with यज्ञोपवीतम् (उपनीत) -- वेद says
-- यज्ञोपवीती एव अधीयीत (स्वाध्यायब्राह्मणम् , तै आ ) ।
You may encourage the kids to learn - भगवद्गीता - आदित्यहृदयम् (युद्धकाण्डः - वाल्मीकिरामायणम्) -विष्णुसहस्रनाम  (अनुशासनिकपर्व - महाभारतम् ) , ललितामाहात्म्यम् (उत्तरखण्डः - ब्रह्माण्डपुराणम्) - सुन्दरकाण्डः ।
Preach them - the fundamentals of धर्म -- सत्यम् अहिंसा अस्तेयम् भूतदया ... । ं
Make them realize that everything on earth is  short-lived -  not permanent - so one should not try to amass wealth but get satisfied with whatever is earned by fair means  (विधिवशात् प्राप्तेन संतुष्यताम् - उपदेशपञ्चकम्) ।

Do not forget to teach them some tips of आयुर्वेद  -- related to health and hygiene  -- wash hands and feet  frequently and do गण्डूष (gargling) frequently - walk hundred feet after meals and 
prevent belly -  do not sit or lay down for long .

सूर्यांशुशर्मा (13 entered ninth stan. ) ,my elder दौहित्र (daughter's son )  completed गणपतिपूजा - पुण्याहवाचनम् - पुरुषसूक्तम् - श्रीसूक्तम् - रुद्रम् (नमकम् चमकम्) - मन्त्रपुष्पद्वयम् - नीराजनम् |

प्रद्युम्नशर्मा (8 entered fourth stan.) the younger one completed गणपतिपूजा  and presently learning पुण्याहवाचनम् ।

Both of them learn -  शब्दमञ्जरी - अमरकोशः - पाणिनिसूत्राणि  -- ज्योतिषम्  regularly .

Now both can fix a मुहूर्तम् - the elder one recently  fixed  मुहूर्तम्  for शङ्कुस्थापनम् of their house being reconstructed . 

So it is just पूर्वजन्मसुकृतम्  that I got a chance to teach व्याकरणम् - ज्योतिषम् - वेद  regularly .

सन्ध्यावन्दनम्  is a must . अग्निकार्यम् (as far as possible) also .

सन्ध्यां नोपासते विप्राः कथं ते ब्राह्मणाः स्मृताः ? -- याज्ञवल्क्यस्मृतिः

सन्ध्याहीनो’शुचिर्नित्यंम् अनर्हः सर्वकर्मसु -- दक्षस्मृतिः

आचारहीनं न पुनन्ति वेदाः यद्यप्यधीताः सह षड्भिरङ्गैः -- वसिष्ठस्मृतिः


Dr.Korada Subrahmanyam
Adju.Professor , Dept of Heritage Science and Technology, IIT, Hyderabad
299 Doyen , Serilingampally, Hyderabad 500 019
Skype Id: Subrahmanyam Korada

Gudsoorkar A G

May 18, 2024, 9:42:52 AMMay 18
to bvpar...@googlegroups.com
हार्दं धन्यवादाः आचार्य 🙏।
You have given us a very timely advice and valuable suggestions.


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