George Cardona's article "The Bhāṣika Accentuation System"

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Jap Man

Nov 13, 2023, 9:17:47 AM11/13/23
to भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्
Does anyone have a pdf of George Cardona's article "The Bhāṣika Accentuation System" (Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik 18, 1993)?

Er. J Singh


Nov 13, 2023, 11:00:55 PM11/13/23
to भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्

Jaskaran Mangat

Nov 17, 2023, 11:31:21 PM11/17/23
to भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्
Herein I've attached both of Prof. Cardona's articles on the भाषिक system: The files are unfortunately only available on FileMail for a week before the link stops working, however you can also email Prof. Cardona directly for a copy of his articles on भाषिक system.


BVK Sastry (G-S-Pop)

Nov 18, 2023, 10:48:30 AM11/18/23



The article by George Cardona provides much more material for deep thinking on Vedic Utterance as Human Chanting with variations by Veda and Prayoga:   ‘Swara/ Bhashaa / Bhashika Swara’.


The  understanding here carries serious impact on ‘Education of Vedic Mantras’ and ‘Prayoga- Efficacy’ and ‘ Carrying the message of ‘ Panini-Samskrutham for Programming Machines (Computation – Communication- Conversation- Cognition)’.


The simple fact  stands: Samskrutham (Panini -Code) cannot be unlocked using ‘English like language usage and Modelling’.

It is for Samskrutham Scholars to raise up and speak on What kind of Computer is needed to Handle Panini  Language ?


In the modern Technology framework, these ‘Panini-technicalities’ of ‘ Swara’ -  would be considered as a part of ‘ Speech Analysis for Language Modelling – and Voice coding’. The relevance is in building Intelligent conversational Interfaces between Humans and Machines.  The traditional Samskruth team wanted these details as a conversational interface with PRAKRUTI /DEVATAA.  


Rule book ( Sutras and Mantras) quote is fine ( like an Electrical Circuit diagram). The Wiring (Prayoga) can be faulty ! Because the drawing is read upside down.


Question (1 ) : Why are we to understand ‘Panini Technical Terminology:  ‘Bhashaa’ as equivalent of ‘Social Language’ (loka –vyavahara –bhashaa ?  


Why treat Panini-Technicality of  ‘Bhashaa’ as a stream of social Biblical historical language in ‘Indo-Aryan framework’ ?


Why is this a question ( 1) :  In Panini, the two major branching lines of ‘ Samskruth (Vak-Yoga) model are: Chandas ( by Veda specificity) and ‘Bhashaa’ ( By Loka-Prayoga: for Yaajnika vyavahara, Shaastra-Samvada) .

The ‘Swara-Prayoga’ in Loka- Bhashaa (Samskrutham) is different from Deva - Bhashaa (Samskrutham) for Yajnika Prayoga.


Reference from quoted article :





Question ( 2) : What is understanding of SWARA difference between ‘Mantra’ and ‘Brahmana’- if both are ‘VEDA’ ?


Why is this a question ( 2 ) : See snippet above.



Question ( 3) : What is expansion of ‘Bhashika’ – where Bhashaa gets a ‘Pratyaya’ ( Taddhita - ? Krit ??  ) in what sense ? Why is  brahmana-swara different from Mantra-Swara ??  If entirety of Jaimini is for ‘ Veda –Mantra- vinioyoga’, how is it ported and placed in a ‘social Language context’ for speaker- chanter variant analysis ? like spoken social language variance ?? A slack- slang usage of language by humans??


Why is this a question (3) :  See the quote from article.






Question (4 ) :  Do we have references to ‘Listing of SWARAS’ by BHASHIKA  and MANTRA model in Nirukta? in Pratishakhyas ? in Shaunaka’s works ?   Why should we defend the inappropriate porting of the  term ‘BHASHAA’ of Panini- Vak-Yoga- Vedic Technicality  in the  inappropriate framework of ‘ Indo-Aryan’ Language Families - An out of context mount on ‘ COGNITIVE LINGUISITCS ( DARSHANA – BHASHAA / Deva-Bhashaa / Yogi-Jana Bhashaa )  to a SOCIAL HISTORICAL LANGUAGE MODEL (SAMAAJA- BHASHAA / bahu-jana -  gaNa- Bhashaa)?


Why is this a question (4) :  The conclusion of article reads :





Summarizing :     What is position of TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS on ‘Bhashika Swara’ as practiced in ‘Veda- Mantra- Shikahsna and Prayoga’ ? 


The answer seems to be hidden in the mystic secret lost discipline of ‘Vako-Vakya’: The discipline explaining Vak-Yoga of Veda – Bhashaa for Yajna-Viniyoga.

I have noticed some of the clues to unlock the secrets of this ‘Bhaashika swara’  in ‘Buddhist and JAINA  Mantra- Meditation Advanced Practices’ using a  system called ‘A-Ra- Pa- Cha- Na’  technicality  for ‘ Deep yoga practice’  to ‘Manage- Manipulate’-   ‘Pancha-Maha-Bhoota- Prakruti’ ( which is technically the Siddhis in Patanjali Yoga- Sutra :: PYS 4-1. Culminating from third chapter.  Buddhist practitioners use VARARUCHI (Vartika kaara) in place of Panini (Sutra Kaara) to understand Yoga- Explanation of Samskrutham for Practice, provided by PATANJALI ( Bhashya-Kaara).



BVK Sastry

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Jap Man

Nov 26, 2023, 10:22:42 AM11/26/23
to भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्
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