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Ophelia Benson

Jan 17, 2012, 7:31:37 PM1/17/12
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Hello. It's almost sunset, and we're supposed to get the biggest snowstorm in decades in a few hours. I'm not sure I believe it. Meanwhile it's time for a new B&W update.

New in "Latest News"

University offers discount on tickets for religious people
Pennsylvania ACLU said that's a no-no.
Filed: January 9, 2012

The Church of Kopimism
We were founded about 15 months ago and we believe that information is holy and that the act of copying is holy.
Filed: January 9, 2012

Censorship row at UCL
Student union wants UCL Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society to remove an image from Jesus and Mo on its Facebook page, claiming it's "offensive."
Filed: January 10, 2012

Not where Egyptian feminists hoped women would be
Emboldened by the revolution to claim a new voice in public life, many are finding that they are still dependent on the protection of men.
Filed: January 10, 2012

Defend freedom of expression at UCL
We the undersigned urge the University College London Union to immediately halt their attempts to censor the UCLU Atheist, Secularist & Humanist Society.
Filed: January 10, 2012

What are Ron Paul’s liberal fans thinking?
In a Paul administration, we wouldn’t see an end only to wars like the one in Iraq. It would mean an end to any humanitarian intervention at all.
Filed: January 10, 2012

The Freethinker on UCL and Jesus and Mo
The petition is attracting signatures from around the world, including those of Richard Dawkins and Maryam Namazie.

Filed: January 11, 2012

Alex Gabriel provides background on J and M fuss
Includes the full correspondence between the president of UCL’s atheist society and the one Muslim student who complained to them.
Filed: January 11, 2012

Jesus, Mo and barmaid resolve to say nothing offensive
A quiet evening at the pub. Very quiet.
Filed: January 11, 2012

Jessica Ahlquist wins her case
Judge finds school prayer to "our heavenly father" is in fact religious. Stone the crows.
Filed: January 11, 2012

Egypt: Nour party demands “morals patrols”
The Egyptian supporters of Wahhabism have wasted no time in demanding the importation of retrograde Saudi customs into Egypt.
Filed: January 12, 2012

Should the NY Times be a “truth vigilante”?
Asks the public editor of the NY Times. Say what?
Filed: January 12, 2012

Americans should protest Helen Ukpabio’s visit
By instructing gullible Nigerian parents to persecute their own children, Ukpabio continues to enrich herself, through her books and remittances from exorcisms.
Filed: January 12, 2012

Canada: confusion over status of gay marriage
Non-Canadian gays can marry in Canada but not divorce if the marriage is valid in Canada but not at home. Maybe. No one seems to know, exactly.
Filed: January 12, 2012

Nirmukta: In memoriam: Ajita Kamal 1978-2011
His contributions towards the cause of reason were manifold: as a prolific and edifying writer, as an insightful interviewer, as an adept podcast host, as an energetic community organizer both on-ground and online, and as a welcoming mentor to many freethinkers young and old taking their first steps towards embracing freethought.
Filed: January 12, 2012

Timothy Rowe asks: who cares?

Compassion holds us open not just to the uncertainties of our own life but that of other people as well, and that can deter us from wanting to feel more of it.
Filed: January 12, 2012

Clay Shirky on the NY Times and truth
Readers do not care about the epistemological differences between lies and weasel words; we want newspapers to limit the ability of politicians to make dubious assertions without penalty.
Filed: January 13, 2012

Julian Baggini in praise of praying
The religious context transforms religious rituals from something optional and arbitrary into something necessary and grounded.
Filed: January 13, 2012

Jessica Ahlquist targeted by cyber-bullies
“shes not human shes garbage” “I’ll drop anchor on her face” “i cant wait to hear about you getting curb stomped” “what a little bitch lol I wanna snuff her”

Filed: January 13, 2012

Nidhi Dutt on being “Eve teased”

It was only a matter of minutes, possibly seconds, before the smiles turned into a blur of pawing, grabbing hands. In broad daylight, on a street in a busy business district.
Filed: January 13, 2012

Newt Gingrich ad treats speaking French as a crime
How dare a presidential candidate speak a second language! Presidents should be as pig-ignorant as possible!
Filed: January 13, 2012

5 men accused of stirring up hatred due to sexual orientation
The leaflet which formed the basis of the charges featured a hanged mannequin and claimed that "Allah permits the destruction" of those who allow homosexuality and those who practise it.
Filed: January 13, 2012

Mary Raftery 1957-2012
The journalist whose television documentaries exposed decades of abuse of children in church-run industrial schools in Ireland.
Filed: January 14, 2012

Mary Raftery’s work changed Ireland
After RTÉ broadcast Raftery’s States of Fear in 1999, the Ryan commission of inquiry into child abuse was set up, as was the Residential Institutions Redress Board.
Filed: January 14, 2012

RTÉ on Mary Raftery
She was best known for her 'States of Fear' series, which revealed the extent of physical and sexual abuse of children in Irish industrial schools and residential institutions.
Filed: January 14, 2012

Janet Heimlich on Helen Ukpabio
We must examine what role authority figures play in failing to protect children from abuse or, worse, inciting violence against children.
Filed: January 14, 2012

What future for Afghan woman jailed for being raped?

The police arrested both Gulnaz and her rapist. Under Afghan law she too was found guilty of a crime known as "adultery by force."
Filed: January 15, 2012

Skepticlawyer on a suit against a blogger
And on feminism, religion, debates about porn and abortion.
Filed: January 15, 2012

Helen Lewis-Hasteley on the pinkification of toys
If a girl wants a construction set, how is making her feel abnormal going to encourage her - and her parents - to spend money at your store?
Filed: January 15, 2012

Jerusalem: gynecology conference bars women speakers
Women are allowed in the audience, in a section separate from men.
Filed: January 15, 2012

Top Muslim Brotherhood woman on women’s rights
“When a woman marches to defend her rights, this affronts her dignity.”
Filed: January 16, 2012

The Guardian is defending sharia again
It’s disturbing that ‘leading’ barristers and newspapers can say Sharia is compatible with human rights whilst it amputates, stones to death, imposes veiling, and kills apostates.
Filed: January 16, 2012

BBC on growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

IKWRO is campaigning to bring an end to the practice. "The councils are dominated by men, who are making judgements in favour of men,'' said Diana Nammi.
Filed: January 16, 2012

“Angry Brides” game targets Indian dowry demands
The parody of "Angry Birds" throws a spotlight on dowry demands and harassment.
Filed: January 16, 2012

New in "Articles"

Mileva Marić: The Other Einstein
By Allen Esterson
Another opportunity for subjecting these claims to close scrutiny.
Filed: January 9, 2012

Stop Ukpabio from Bringing her Witch hunting campaign to the US
By Leo Igwe
Ukpabio uses her sermons, teachings and prophetic declarations to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards.
Filed: January 12, 2012

New in "Notes and Comment Blog"

That's it! Now if only I could figure out what I did with my passport. I had it a couple of weeks ago...

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