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Ophelia Benson

May 16, 2012, 1:01:04 PM5/16/12
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Hello. I'm rushing to do all the things today, because I'm off to DC tomorrow for the Women in Secularism conference, so here is the update.

New in "Latest News"

Jesus and Mo shocked that paganism is being taught
Druidry as part of Religious Education in Cornwall? Whatever next?
Filed: May 9, 2012

Queen’s speech announces libel reform bill
The bill will open the way to ending libel tourism and protecting free expression for journalists, writers, bloggers and scientists around the world.
Filed: May 10, 2012

Responding to the libel reform announcement
Simon Singh, Dara O Briain, Ben Goldacre, David Allen Green, many more.
Filed: May 10, 2012

Brooklyn district attorney has special rules for rabbis
Many of the rabbis consider sexual abuse accusations to be the business of rabbinical authorities, who often do not report their conclusions to the police.
Filed: May 11, 2012

India’s god laws fail the test of reason
In the decades since independence, these laws have been regularly used to hound intellectuals and artists who questioned religious beliefs.
Filed: May 11, 2012

Jakarta Post on Irshad Manji
Hundreds of members of the Indonesian Mujahidin Council attacked the LKiS publishing office in Yogyakarta where she was speaking about her book on Wednesday night.
Filed: May 12, 2012

Indonesia’s record on human rights has tainted its image
"The government has obviously failed to guarantee basic freedom for the people, which is the freedom from fear."
Filed: May 12, 2012

Indonesia: politician says attacking people is wrong
Members of the Indonesian Mujahidin Council, who initiated the attack, have defended their action.
Filed: May 12, 2012

“You slut, how dare you take my wife to the beach”
Ismail Belghar slapped his sister-in-law across the face because she and her sister went to the beach.
Filed: May 12, 2012

Richard Carrier interviews Susan Haack
A must read.
Filed: May 12, 2012

Philip Kitcher on “scientism”
Since the conclusions reached in analyses of human behavior will be socially consequential, the evidence for them deserves to be closely scrutinized.
Filed: May 12, 2012

Four Iranian men due to be hanged for sodomy
"The judicial denial of same-sex relationships in Iran stems from its relationship to Shari’a law and patriarchy," says Gorji Marzban of Austrian-based Oriental Queer Organization.
Filed: May 13, 2012

Iranian cartoonist sentenced to 25 lashes for drawing MP
His sentence has triggered outcry among Iran's online community with many calling on cartoonists to draw new caricatures of the MP.
Filed: May 13, 2012

Men are the real victims of sexism
Never mind all those men at the top; look at all those men on the bottom.
Filed: May 13, 2012

Another religion as curate’s egg article
Parts of it are excellent, therefore we mustn't reject it.
Filed: May 13, 2012

Pertussis epidemic in Washington state
Washington State has the highest percentage of parents in the nation who voluntarily exempt their children from one or more vaccines.
Filed: May 13, 2012

Witchcraft: Man kills mother, sets house on fire
A source told PUNCH Metro that 36-year-old Jonathan had been frustrated with his life and had accused his mother of being responsible for his inability to make progress.
Filed: May 14, 2012

Afghan women falling off the White House radar
Suzanne Nossel of Amnesty International USA said it was "really worrying" that Obama only made a passing reference to women on his trip to Afghanistan last week.
Filed: May 14, 2012

TV show condones murder for blasphemy
A British TV channel that broadcast a talk saying it is acceptable to murder someone who has shown disrespect to Muhammad faces a heavy fine or potential closure by Ofcom.
Filed: May 14, 2012

Martin Robbins on sexual correctness
Sexual correctness is a fundamental failure of journalism, and not just in the moralistic right-wing end of the press.
Filed: May 15, 2012

“Gove promised Catholic schls cn oppose gay marriage”
Sections 406-7 of the Education Act 1996 forbids ‘the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school’.
Filed: May 15, 2012

Burkina Faso moves to help women accused of witchcraft
Women driven from their homes will have access to legal and psycho-social support, as well as financial assistance to re-establish their livelihoods.
Filed: May 15, 2012

New in "Articles"

2012 Global Atheist Convention – Redux
By Bruce Everett
. People could wear little paper hats with Twitter account names on them...
Filed: May 11, 2012

New in "Flashback"

Tarek Fatah on death threats over free speech
The celebrated and controversial Canadian author Irshad Manji received the first “Mansoor Hallaj Freedom of Speech Award” by the Muslim Canadian Congress.
Filed: May 12, 2012

New in "Notes and Comment Blog"

That's it! Catch you next week.
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