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Terry Ligocki

Jun 6, 2022, 2:18:08 AM6/6/22
to Busy Beaver Discuss, Bram van Heuveln
Bram - I'm forwarding our last two emails to the BB discussion group so that everyone can join in the fun! Although your emphasis was in quadruple formulation machines, I think this is close enough to the 5-tuple formulation to be interesting AND the overall form of your web pages is valuable as a guide.

I understand about not looking at things for decades. Some people contribute for a while and move onto other things, some people take long breaks (e.g., Shawn and I), and some people continue onward steadily. I'm revisited after retirement (although I had started back before).

Thanks for any and all efforts to restore your website! I'm glad the pages were still there...

                                Terry J.

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Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] Busy Beaver WWW site...
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 00:52:40 +0000
From: Van Heuveln, Bram <heu...@rpi.edu>
To: Terry Ligocki <tjli...@gmail.com>

Hi Terry,

Hey, that's great that you and Shawn are looking at this! To be frank, the last time I looked at these was almost 20 years ago :P ... but I'm still very interested in these!

Given how old the website is, I'm not sure there is anything useful for you there, but I just repaired some links so you can start looking around to see what we have. We were mainly interested in the quadruple formulation of Turing machines (following Boolos and Jeffrey), and believe we found a few records at the time. Are you at all interested in the quadruple formulation machines?

I'll continue fixing some links .... :P


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From: Terry Ligocki <tjli...@gmail.com> Sent: Sunday, June 5, 2022 18:24
To: Van Heuveln, Bram <heu...@rpi.edu>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Busy Beaver WWW site...

Hello Dr. van Heuveln,

My name is Terry Ligocki. My son, Shawn, and I have been investigating BB/TM problems for about 20 year (off and on). At the moment, there are several efforts to organize, curate, etc. results and research into BB/TM problems.

There is a WWW site bbchallenge.org much like the one you were/are(?) associated with, https://homepages.hass.rpi.edu/heuveb/Research/BB/index.html, and a Google discussion group, https://groups.google.com/g/busy-beaver-discuss, started by Shawn.

It looks like on the RPI BB there is the index page and most (all?) of the links are broken. Are the webpages that are missing still available somewhere in some form? The people working on the "bbchallenge.org" site could really benefit from the information (and layout/functionality) of the RPI site when it was up and running. I remember it as a very nice site!

I hope this email reaches you and you are doing well...

                            Terry J. (Ligocki, tjli...@gmail.com)

P.S. I've just retired and one of my projects is research into BB/TM problems AND helping create support for other people (in the present and future) to more quickly locate information and resources for further investigations...

Tristan Stérin

Jun 7, 2022, 12:26:04 PM6/7/22
to Busy Beaver Discuss
Thank you very much for sharing this exchange and this great website, going to do some digging!

Tristan Stérin

Jun 9, 2022, 4:48:27 AM6/9/22
to Busy Beaver Discuss
I listed the website on the newly created https://bbchallenge.org/story#related-links section. Don't hesitate to let me know if you know of other pages that should be listed there.

Thank you,

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