Potential Dog parks: south crest and flynn/briggs sts.

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Carolyn Bates

Apr 13, 2011, 12:02:32 AM4/13/11
to burlingtonians Dogs, Steve Goodkind, Dave Hartnett, John T. Ewing, carolyn hanson, Chris Hadsel, Mari Steinbach, Shannon Joan, Elisa Nelson, Bill Keogh, Steve Allen
To Steve Goodkind.
Thank you very much for finding these two locations for us.  For the FlynnBriggs park: Please let us know if the staging area will have a fence around it, that could possibly be built now, and used as a dog park until it is needed for a staging area.  And then reused after the roadway is completed?  And keep the same fence throughout the entire time?  You may just "reply all" with your answer.  I will pick up the maps tomorrow.  Also there are signs of someone living at the end  of the south crest area. 

Thank you

Carolyn Bates

To everyone, please review these two locations, and go walk around in them to really experience them.  They are  our two best ward 5 locations at this time.
I would like to hear what  others have to say, and then present them to the Parks Commissioners at their April 26th meeting, and ask that they be put onto the new pilot program/ordinance that will be discussed that night.

Thank you.


1. South Crest:   See photo below. 
  a. Location:  south of Batchelder St. onto the southern connector where the pavement starts, just below Home Ave. you will see this 40 ft strip on the east side of the concrete roadway.
  b. What is there: The fence is black and very nicely maintained along the entire east side.   The grass is soft to walk on and I did not find any wet spots, though I did find some "holes" you can trip into with your foot.  Lots of small trees, and a few nice evergreens. A few medium sized trees that appear to have been planted as they have a 4-5 ft. 
circular hole dug around them. Some stripped maple. 
  c. Need to do: There are lots of small 1' diameter new trees.  Not sure if these can be replanted and used along our streets.  But we will want to clear out most of them, with a tree person's advice.  And then it needs a fence and gate system on three sides.

  d. pros: It is sunny.  There is some wind.  It would be an easy stroll along flat land to stretch out and walk your dog.  Very easy on your legs and knees. 

  e. cons: There is someone living at the end of this strip/or was living.  It may be too narrow to really have a lot of dogs here at one time.  

I would recommend that everyone in this group go and see this area, and walk around it, and think about how we can make this work.  Perhaps this is a small dog park? 

2. Flynn and Briggs
  a. Location: Flynn Ave just east of Briggs street.  South side, opposite the file cabinet sculpture.  
  b. What is there: It is a wide open desolate field with a couple of trees and some old art work.  
  c. Need to do: So perhaps we can make a deal with dpw, and have them put up the staging fence with a gate, and use it as a dog park until the southern connector/champlain parkway is under construction.  And then after it is built, reuse this area.  
  d. Pros It is wide open and easy to run with your dogs.  
   e. cons:  This will probably be the staging area for the southern connector.  However, if it is the staging area, don't they need a fenced in space?
Maybe this is for big dogs.  Please at least drive by this space to experience the size of it, and walk around to see if there are any potential holes/problems.

Middle of South Crest park, looking south, in the largest open, tree free area.  Fence is black, and on the left side.  There is a gentle slope down, and then a shorter on going up
to the road. 

April 12, 2011

Carolyn Bates

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Phil LaVigne

Apr 13, 2011, 4:43:26 AM4/13/11
to Dogs
You are doing a wonderful job on keeping this dog park issue moving Carolyn.  Thank you, Phil

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