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Rob Browning

May 28, 2023, 2:47:34 PM5/28/23
to bup-...@googlegroups.com


This is a bugfix release, most notably for a problem that could cause
POSIX1e ACLs to be restored incorrectly (see below).

Please give this release a try and let us know what's broken. If you're
new to bup, start with the README, and then HACKING if you'd like to
help further:



(As usual, while we expect bup to work fairly well, I still wouldn't
recommend it as your sole backup strategy. I'd suggest a periodic
tar/rsync/etc. backstop.)

Notable changes in 0.33.1 since 0.33


* POSIX1e ACLs should be restored correctly now. Previously there
were two problems.

First, bup incorrectly restored default (`ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT`) ACLs as
access acls (`ACL_TYPE_ACCESS`). When both existed, it restored the
access ACL first and then the default ACL as an access ACL. Now,
bup should restore each with the proper type. This issue only
affects saves created on platforms where bup currently supports
ACLs, so presumably mostly just saves created on Linux since the
current ACL support depends on non-standard functions like

Second, bup stored ACLs in the `acl_to_any_text(3)` format with a
newlne delimiter, when the standard (and `acl_from_text(3)` which
restore depends on) requires commas. Now bup uses commas, and
translates previously created saves during restore when possible.
If a previously created ACL entry contains a comma, then bup will
give up, report an error, and skip it. If nothing else, this could
cause restores of relevant saves to fail on some platforms.

Build and install

* `MAKE=path ./configure ...` now supports relative `path`s.

* `./configure` will now look for `python3.11-config`, and won't look
for `python3.6-config` (bup requires 3.7+).

* pytest 7 is now supported.

Thanks to (at least)

Greg Troxel, Johannes Berg, Moritz Lell, and Rob Browning

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org and @debian.org
GPG as of 2011-07-10 E6A9 DA3C C9FD 1FF8 C676 D2C4 C0F0 39E9 ED1B 597A
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