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Bullseye-L List is a discussion group to promote Bullseye and other competitive pistol shooting sports around the world. 

Our community encourages fellowship among pistol shooters by discussing a wide range of topics. If you are just getting started, are a seasoned competitor, or are getting back in after many years, you are welcome to join and participate. 

Please review the list rules and policies before posting. New members are encouraged to submit an introductory post to explain interests, experience, or activities in competitive pistol shooting and country/state/region if you would like to connect with other shooters to find out about matches or other members in your area.

Our list is a friendly group that looks forward to new members to add to our discussions. Anyone interested in joining this list may do so by requesting to join. All join requests must include a brief explanation of why you want to join. 

To Join This Group:

Click Join This Group or submit your request from the e-mail address you intend to use by sending to bullseye-l-list+subscribe@googlegroups.com


If you have questions or concerns about membership, rules, or anything else related to our group, our Moderators will be more than pleased to assist you. Please send e-mail to: bullseye-l-moderators@gmail.com

 List Moderators:

We are interested in adding moderators. If you would like to be considered for training to become a list moderator, please send an e-mail to bullseye-l-moderators@gmail.com and explain why you think you would make a good moderator.  

Moderators are volunteers with the responsibility to keep everyone within the list rules and policies. They review the list content and respond to subscribers and follow strict guidelines*.

The goal of our moderators is to bring attention to rule or conduct issues and help members stay within the rules and participate in great discussions. Most issues are resolved quickly as long as the member replies and communicates with the moderator. On very rare occasions people demonstrate they are unable or unwilling to follow the rules. We strive to be patient and understanding as long as someone is making a sincere effort to work on and resolve issues. For the most extreme cases, we reserve the right to remove/ban those who are disruptive and harmful to the community.

* All moderator to subscriber communication is private. Moderators must always specify the list rules or policies that specifically justify their contact and will include suggestions to remedy the issue.

We appreciate your participation and support. 

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