Update: Flex System on a Guider II

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Aug 26, 2019, 8:17:57 AM8/26/19
to BuildTak
Well, I have had the Flex system on my Guider II for a while now and so far it is performing as you would want it to.
I am using PEI on my flex plates.
I also went to a Micros Swiss all metal hot end set up since I do a lot of ABS printing.  Really wish the Guider II had a variable speed parts cooling fan!

Got everything dialed in using Flashprint and PLA.
Then switch to ABS and adjusted.

Switched over to S3D and now am doing 250X250mm ABS prints and boy being able to pull the plate to get the ABS to release is heaven for this printer.

Main thing to note.
My Guider II had a pretty warped glass plate so look for that.
I went to my local glass place and got replacement glass that they said would stay good and flat.  So far it has worked well.
So make sure your glass is perfectly flat, especially while heated.

Apparently Chinese made tempered glass is notorious for being warped or curved.  This is fine for most applications except our printer beds!

Dennis Chen

Apr 27, 2020, 4:27:28 PM4/27/20
to BuildTak

So you bought the buildtak flex system for your guyider II? Does the bed dimensions fit? Seems off from the web description 250x280 on flash forge website but buildtak is saying 260x300? 


Apr 27, 2020, 4:41:36 PM4/27/20
to BuildTak
The one I got when first available fits ok.  Seems I thought it looked small until I installed it.
The one recommendation I have is to replace the glass with a good piece from a glass shop.  Tell them what it is for and it needs to stay flat.  A regular piece should be ok.  I paid something like $9 for two pieces cut to size.

The glass that came in mine was very warped.  So make sure you have a good flat piece before adding the BuildTak upgrade.

Dennis Chen

Apr 27, 2020, 6:59:49 PM4/27/20
to BuildTak
Thanks for the tip. Def will contact a glass shop for that. Maybe a little difficult during these times but I’ll try.

I think I’ll get the buildtak. I was also looking at zimple (https://zimple3d.com/collections/frontpage/products/uht?variant=31258113638454) They are a newer company but they also list the dimensions of 305x262. So weird.

How do you like the buildtak flex plate system? Just making sure you didn’t just get the sticker sheet but the entire flex plate system(https://www.buildtak.com/product/buildtak-flexplate-system-4/). Do you still need glass under the system since it comes with a metal sheet? Or do you stick the magnetic part on the glass?

I’ll trust you though if you say it fits! Thanks for the pro tip!
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