Warping while printing Nylon

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Alexander Iotko

Mar 5, 2023, 12:03:55 PMMar 5
to BuildTak

I've tried out Nylon+ surface and would say it works very well, the adhesion is perfect as well as there is no issue to remove the part after cooling down the platform.

At the same time, I've experienced some warping in ~1mm while printing 3D Benchy e.g.
From what I figured out it's happening because of slight "ungluing" the BuildTak sheet out of the platform at the model edges.

I'm using Flying Bear Ghost 6 3D enclosed Printer with Ultrabase.
Before gluing the sheet I've cleaned the platform by rubber alcohol as much as possible as well as I'm using gloves while working with the sheet.

I'm using clean Monofilament PA6 nylon from the local manufacturer, also going to try out eSun one.
Nozzle temperature is 265C, Speed is 40mm/sec, Fan 20% (since the model is pretty small).
I'm also printing out of PrintDry device btw. 

I've tried different bed temperatures - 60C, 80C and 110C with the same result.

May you please advice me with the recommended printing parameters?

Kind regards,
Alexander Iotko
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