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Daniel Jepson

Jul 4, 2020, 7:34:27 AM7/4/20
to BuildTak
Is there a list of the various BuildTak surfaces, and recommendations for each specific filament type so we aren't all out here ruining expensive parts and supplies? BuildTak is not inexpensive but very useful but the learning curve is breaking the bank. If the sheets listed the filament type, bed temp, nozzle gap, and any surface treatments along with two or three troubleshooting ideas for each filament it would save me and others a lot of time and money. I know BuildTak loves it when we reorder more sheets and plates when we ruin the ones we have because it boosts their sales, but having better information up front before you ruin something would increase customer loyalty and not dissuade new possible customers after they try it once and have a problem and abandon it, or never try it due to the conflicting opinions of users on the internet. There are some very vague, very general guidelines, but specific guidelines with a disclaimer would make this customer much happier. If it was in Excel (or similar format) you could just scroll down the list to find your filament and then read across to get started. When I have a print job to complete, I can't spend hours and hours trying numerous ideas and waiting to see the results. My customers want their parts, they want them quickly and I need to get them done quickly or the jobs quickly become unprofitable.

Jackie Tan

Oct 11, 2020, 11:02:26 AM10/11/20
to BuildTak
I would like this info too. I can spend hours in the forum and pick up a variety of tips. Could you just put them in one place?


Oct 12, 2020, 1:21:30 PM10/12/20
to BuildTak
Hi Jackie,
Hi Dan,

You guys bring up good points and understand where you are coming from!

We want to recommend our partner 3DOptimizer that allows you to set up profiles based on the different Surfaces, filaments, and other settings. It's a revolutionary software that changes the game and helps with exactly what you are trying to do Daniel!  You can use the coupon code BUILDTAK-SUPPORT to extend the trial.  

But yes, we will expand on our recommendations for different filament types and Surfaces. At the moment, please check out these two guides: How to Extend the Lifespan of Your BuildTak Surface and our BuildTak Nylon+ Guide

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