Buffalo OpenCoffee Club

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I started this mailing list in Buffalo in the summer of 2010, because I really want to see the web/startup/tech scene in Buffalo talking. I'd like to see start-ups start to blossom from this area. I'd like to see experienced techies in Buffalo lend their knowledge to local university students. I'd like to see Buffalo techies *stay* in Buffalo. We need to network -- we need to help each other. It's Buffalo vs the world. Let's do what we can to help start-ups and area business grow, to create more jobs, and ultimately more opportunity for everyone.

This is the Google group where all of us converse and share topics of interest. We discuss local initiatives, national news in tech, local events, and jobs are posted. We started with 1 person, we're now at 300+ as of summer 2012. Everyone is very welcoming on the list -- feel free to sit back and observe, but we'd love for you to also introduce yourself to the list and what your interests are.