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Hello Sustainability Folks,
Buckman Sustainability is a committee of the Buckman Community Association in Portland, Oregon.  We have three active projects:
1.  Community Composting at SE 15th and Alder (with an informational kiosk)
2.  Book Exchange (on the other side of the kiosk)
3.  "Picture a Garden" each year we locate garden locations, get approvals from the landlord and the city, and form work parties to develop garden plots in underutilized parking strips.  Locations include:  SE 15th and Alder, 714 SE 19th, and SE 27th and Salmon.
4.  Planting and Maintaining three traffic circles - SE 16th and Ash, SE 15th and Oak, and SE 14th and Pine - these locations will be planted with pollinator friendly (mostly native) plants.
We are supported in 2014 by a small grant from the East Multnomah Soil  and Water Conservation District - EMSWCD