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Kev D

Jan 10, 2022, 9:31:03 PMJan 10
to BubbleUPnP
Hi, I'm totally new to Bubble. I am running Plex server and BubbleUPNP server on Linux Mint 20 desktop. On Android Bubble on my Pixel 4a, when I attempt to browse my Plex Music, when I select to view "By Folder" I get "Browse error. Current state of service prevents invoking...No response received or internal proxy error." I am also getting that same error randomly on some other folders when attempting to browse when viewing "By Album" and "All Artists." Some folders browse and play fine when viewing "By Album"

BTW I am no fan of Plex and would have no problems switching to another server if there's a simple one on Linux that "just works" with Bubble.


Kev D

Jan 10, 2022, 9:58:51 PMJan 10
to BubbleUPnP
So as an alternative, I just turned on the ReadyDLNA server on my NAS where my media is located (Netgear ReadyNAS 212) and then selected that DLNA server (instead of Plex) with Android Bubble app and when I browsed to my Music folder, I got the exact same Browse Error: "No response received or internal proxy error." Hmmm, quite annoying. I'm hoping there is a setting in Bubble that I am missing somewhere, as it does not seem to like my music folder.


Jan 11, 2022, 4:48:40 AMJan 11
to BubbleUPnP

This is to be a Plex issue, becoming unresponsive loading some folders.
For music only, I highly recommend MinimServer (


Jan 11, 2022, 4:53:21 AMJan 11
to BubbleUPnP
This "No response received or internal proxy error." only happens when breowsing a media server (Library) through "BubbleUPnP Server".
Such servers are listed with either "[proxy]" or "[some text]" appended to their name.
So it looks it is an issue caused by 'BubbleUPnP Server'.
Any reason you are accessing them through BubbleUPnP Server ?
On your local network, you can always access Plex, ReadyDLNA, etc... directly.

Kev D

Jan 11, 2022, 10:00:46 AMJan 11
to BubbleUPnP
Correct, I am browsing my libraries through BubbleUPnP Server. This is because I am trying to connect to my media remotely, over the internet.
I can browse my Videos folder OK when connected remotely. Just my Music folder gives me the "No response received or internal proxy error."
When I connect on my local network, I can browse the Music folder OK. I am only getting browse error on my Music folder when I connect remotely, through BubbleUPnP Server

No MasterYoda

May 19, 2022, 3:44:51 PM (7 days ago) May 19
to BubbleUPnP
TLDR: Replace jar files with older version.

Since power is getting expensive & it's not winter now, I decided to build BubbleUpNP for a Raspberry Pi B+ (BubbleUpNP-on-RPI-B+). since my circa 2013 ArchLinux server gets way too hot for my small office/server room. I jumped straight onto building this server and the old-as-the-hills Raspberry Pi completed the build in around 5hrs.

I then proceeded to test it out without success using the remote (Internet) access methods.  I jumped right on Quant and searched for something like 'Browse error " response received or internal proxy error"'. I was not surprised to see other folks with the same issue. Glad to find this group's posts as I realized ( maybe had ) a version of the jar files that would work.

This old x86_64 ArchLinux server, which has been powered off since Dec 2021 had version 0.9bubble38 .jar files in /usr/share/bubbleupnpserver/. I thought surely this would not work, but the Arm build linked above just has a command to wget the latest .jar server, extract, test, and place into the correct directory.

I just have reminded all to make a full backup important services before issuing pacman -Syu. AND that it's pretty important to disable the auto-update in the BubbleUpNP web interface. Yeah, updates... there's just a few, but fortunately the BubbleUpNP files are not in the normal pacman repos (AUR packages).

## pacman -Syu
      ... updates for the my ArchLinux server built May 2013:
         ...             zimg-3.0.3-2  zlib-1:1.2.12-2  zstd-1.5.2-3
      Total Download Size:   1428.16 MiB
      Total Installed Size:  5266.11 MiB
      Net Upgrade Size:        -1.77 MiB
      :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

      ## yay -Syu (AUR updates) are held-off as other more important services need to keep running.

If you can find older versions of the server & launcher jar files, make a backup of the "updated" broken stuff (rename .bak), then drop the old-working versions into wherever your install lives - and start it right up.

Highly recommend but note: ymmv.

Have a great day and listen to some good stuff. We're only here for so long!

Peace my brothers, Peace.


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