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Oct 16, 2021, 7:07:56 AM10/16/21
to BubbleUPnP

Hi, I’m listening to a lot of music on a Yamaha WXA 50, which really benefits from the added support provided via BubbleUpnp Server.  

The device has no native ability to playback m3u playlists and while this can be overcome by configuring  BubbleUpnp Server to provide a proxy media server, which is a big plus, the sample rate of content I’ve played with this appears to be limited to 44.1 kHz.  Given the device can handle wav and lpcm formats with higher sample rates, up to 192khz if I get it right, I was wondering if there was any way of forcing BubbleUpnp Server to retain the sample rate of any content that exceeded this (44.1khz proxy server) threshold?


Oct 16, 2021, 10:37:20 AM10/16/21
to BubbleUPnP
The proxy adds 44.1/16 WAV and LPCM compat streams to whatever tracks are being browsed from the underlying UPnP/DLNA media server that is being proxied.
It has nothing to do with m3u specifically.
These compat streams at 44.1/16 ensure that tracks with unsupported codecs can still be played using one of the compat streams, because 99% of renderers either support WAV or LPCM.
There is no way to change it from anything else than 44.1/16 since their purpose is to be compatible.

Maybe, if your issue is that some tracks are not playable to your Yamaha without using the proxy, you could do this instead:
In Android BubbleUPnP, go into 'More > Gear icon > Renderer settings' and set 'FFmpeg audio decoding' to 'All audio format'.
This will make BubbleUPnP convert all tracks to WAV or LPCM in their original samplerate/bitdepth (the latter is forced to 16 bit for LPCM).
If you enable this, make sure to not browse the proxy in Android BubbleUPnP, but the original media server.
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