Rough Draft of BTRT Proposal

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Yin Yang

Apr 9, 2015, 3:51:59 AM4/9/15
Aloha team,
Attached is a rough draft of our proposal.  Please let me know your thoughts. 
Yamato, if there is additional stats and information you feel will help give our proposal additional strength, please feel free to add it.
Val charts are always helpful, so if you have any additional charts that can fit in this proposal, that would be great!
Colin, I simplified some of your proposal, please let me know if I'm missing anything!
Patrick, I added a lot of your thoughts to the education section.
Daniel, if you still want to add the parking subject to the proposal, please do!
Thanks again everyone for all of your hard work and help in making this a reality!
In health,
BTRT Proposal 4_7_15.docx

Yin Yang

Apr 9, 2015, 4:04:51 AM4/9/15
BTRT Proposal 4_7_15.docx

Colin Leath

Apr 9, 2015, 9:57:06 PM4/9/15
to Yin Yang,
Soha, Thank you for getting this out. It is very helpful to have all that info in one place now.

I made it into a google doc that anyone with the following link can comment on:
Maybe I'll attempt to do some copyediting there in a while?

On my end:

I've gotten inspired to try a different rhetoric for a proposal. I'm not trying to replace your draft-- I'm just following an urge to try to find a way to present the information I've come across during this month. And to try to be as clear as possible about what action could be taken based on that information.

"Bringing Honolulu's bicycle registration and theft prevention system in line with best practices 
(and considering how best practices can be improved as well as adapted to our situation)"

is the title, 

Best Practices:
Our Proposal:
Action Plan:

are basically the headers for each sub section. Here's a link so you can see what i've got so far:

Ideally, I think,  most of the supporting data and stories will be referenced in footnotes. . . I want to make it quick to read and quick to get an idea of what might be good to do next.

I also sent some questions to Seth at bikeindex (below).

I also feel like asking the cops about bike impoundment numbers and inviting them to present on theft-reduction efforts, outcomes, suggestions in the past year, since, evidently they have been setting up stings, impounding bikes and so on.

I need a break though.

Until next time!!

PS: I am planning to address the funding issue. There is no need to repeal the $15 excise tax on bicycles currently levied here. If you have looked at  you will see that HI is far behind on how much funding we give to "active transportation" infrastructure and organization. is another relevant link.  The current tax is not recommended and would ideally be replaced with a gas tax ( , or )

So, we could leave the current tax in place regressive and ugly though it is (it could bring in more activists who wonder about it), until we get the support to put something better in its place. People would only be paying it when then buy new bikes and perhaps when they buy second-hand bikes at stores.

I have a few more questions:
  • (1) Do you recommend making bike registration via mandatory for all newly sold bikes? Since Hawaii's current system is that way we have that opportunity here. I imagine that even in Walmart, the store employee could use a web-enabled computer to register each bike sold.
    • However: what if the customer does not have an email address?
It seems that it might make more sense mandate that each store give people the option of registering their bike. . .
  • (2) We have many transients here--Tourists, college students, snowbirds. Some may buy a cheap bike and then abandon it. If bikes are registered at sale and then abandoned, is there a way to still transfer ownership at some point? What if a bunch of abandoned bikes are rounded up on campus and then donated to a bicycle cooperative? How can the cooperative enable the transferring of the registration to the new owner?
If the owner of the bike is contacted via email and there is not a response for a certain length of time, it would seem that there should be some way of transferring the bike to someone new at that point. Can we have the option of setting that time period in our local committee? I've heard that in the Netherlands abandonded/impounded bikes have to be picked up in two weeks. That may be too short a time for us.
  • (3) Is there a way to generate reports about bike theft trends in Hawaii? We would like to be able to target our efforts and measure progress, year by year, or even month by month. 
  • (4) It appears that location gets recorded when a bike is reported stolen, and so high-risk areas could be identified from that. Is that the case? How can we do that?
  • (5) Would it also be possible to record how the bike was locked? (Ulock/cable/not sure/left unlocked, through frame or not).
Thank you for your help. We're presenting our proposal on Tuesday.

One more question:
(6) Do you have any plans for offering or selling labels such as do, or in the UK,, beyond offering the printable spoke card?

If not, why not? I did read about your experiment with the TrakR. It does seem like it would be helpful to have an easy way for police and bystanders to scan large numbers of bikes quickly. 

Thanks again!

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Colin Leath

Apr 10, 2015, 5:36:54 PM4/10/15
Just a note:
I've been encouraged to work on my version and perhaps even to try to divide the action plan section into actions by agency or party so that everyone is clear on what they might need to do. It has also been suggested we turn in only one proposal which makes sense.

Here is a possible timeline:

Final draft: by Saturday at 5pm. Or possibly today.

We have until Monday at 10am to suggest revisions.

And then I can make changes and post the final by noon to all the emails of those who got the MACB announcement.

That way there's at least 24 hours in which attendees may have a chance to read the proposal before the meeting.

This is just a suggestion.

If anyone wants to try contributing a module following the system I've got going, please do. Otherwise I'll just keep going until I think I've covered the main points.

for the current format.

I'm not attached to what I'm working on being the one we submit.
I do like working on this sort of thing and am grateful for writing projects I like.


Colin Leath

Apr 11, 2015, 8:57:55 PM4/11/15
I've done what I can do--

or, for short:

I think it is decent. I'd love to have something shorter and sweeter in the tone of this Toronto staff report on bike licensing
but for now, the summary at the top may suffice for that.

It is probably important to ask: if the MACB were to approve something shorter to send to the Mayor, what would we want that to look like?

Maybe that more refined and targeted proposal can come from discussion fostered by sharing this longer version.

At any rate, I think I have something shareable with and informative for other cycling advocates such as Rep Chris Lee (Kailua) and Lori and Ben at Bike Share Hawaii who may be able to help support the desired legislative changes.

Until Monday then... I can send it out at noon or before if you get your changes in by 10 on Monday.

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