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Colin Leath

Apr 3, 2015, 3:12:48 AM4/3/15
I read the community oriented policing doc (thanks Yamoto),
and while I've been procrastinating like crazy,
tomorrow I plan to get my part in.

If you want me to incorporate something in particular you should be able to add comments on the doc here:


Colin Leath

Apr 4, 2015, 1:04:46 AM4/4/15

Ok! I got another draft of my part done. See the link below for the latest version, incorporating at least some of what Patrick and Val suggested.


At McCully bikes today I spoke with Rick about the proposal. An education effort would be necessary to get the cops and stores on board with it. He appeared supportive.

He mentioned (in addition to what I put in the proposal) that there have been stings within the past year for which cops borrowed bikes from the mccully warehouse. Three bikes. He suggested that they were arresting homeless people and that the arrest didn't matter much to the arrested. They bike around with short cable cutters. He mainly recommended a good u lock.

If I had more time to fiddle online I'd try to set up a wiki or something for sharing our proposal as we refine it. But a Google doc could work just fine.

The system is going to change at some point!

If you haven't seen it yet, statewide sustainability metrics and means for tracking them were just unveiled at:

Maybe we can get the goals of the Honolulu bike plan listed and measured under the transportation section.

One other suggestion:

If we need legislation to support our proposal, Lori and Ben at Bike share Honolulu/Hawaii might be supporters. I imagine some legislation could be in the works for that and they might be interested in saving $15 per bikeshare bike.



Colin Leath

Apr 6, 2015, 6:43:02 PM4/6/15
A while ago I got on the email list for bicycle cooperatives--

I asked the following question:

Do any of you have to deal with government paperwork for transferring bicycle ownership when repairing or reselling donated bikes?

Does anyone else but Hawaii have such a system?

If I don't hear from anyone I'll assume it is a system unique to Hawaii.

The system is:
Mandatory $15 onetime registration fee/tax, if your bike doesn't have a yellow registration sticker on it, police can impound it and give you a $50 ticket. You can get your bike back by paying the $15 tax later. It is really only enforced on homeless people. There are many unregistered bikes around--newcomers and tourists and even long time residents are not complying with the system. To transfer ownership it is $5 and more paperwork. Basically they've been treating bikes like mopeds for many years now.

I'm hoping we can do away with that system, and shift to a free registration system like We'll see. However, a significant local bike organization,, gets funds from the tax for education programs.

Thanks for listening!

I got the following reply:

Some of the cities around LA had that but we lobbied heavily against it and won. It really is just a way to mess with the poor. 

So I did the following search:

You should all check that out!!!

There's a brown woman in SD for one who's been doing amazing things in a city I gave up on:

Check out in particular:  (lists cities and states with registration systems and dates of repeal, as well as locales which still had those laws on the books as of May 2010. . .)

And if you haven't seen the rest of the resources at and gotten on their email list consider doing so.

The next big head-scratcher I'm planning to try to figure out is why the proposed rail system here is elevated as opposed to street-level. . .  

Until next time!

Repeal the bike tax!!


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